Eyer Family Newsletter

April 07, 2021

5 Day In-Person Instruction Update

Starting Thursday, April 8, approximately 70% of our students will be returning to 5 day, in-person instruction. The other 30% of students will remain fully remote. Students will remain in these models until the end of the school year.

Thursday, April 8th will be DAY 1 of the cycle. Friday will be Day 2. We will then continue to follow the normal six-day cycle for the rest of the year. The Shift calendar will no longer be in use.

Bell Schedule: We will continue to use the current bell schedule at the middle level, which runs from 7:25am - 1:15pm. All students will continue to be dismissed at 1:15pm each day.

UPDATED Attendance Guidelines - Beginning Thursday, April 8th

  • Students who are signed up for 5 day in-person instruction must attend in-person in order to be marked present.
  • Students who are signed up for 5 day in-person that do NOT attend in-person will be marked absent, even if they sign-in online. The exception to this rule will be students who are at home due to mandatory quarantining.
  • Remote students must login to every class on Zoom at their scheduled times, and complete their work for each class, in order to be marked present.

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Student drop-off will begin at 7:10am. Students are not permitted to enter the building before this time, so we ask that parents do not arrive much earlier than 7:10am. We ask that all cars remain in a single file line and pull as far forward as you can along the front curb before unloading. Please make sure students are ready to unload when you pull-up in front of the school. Once you unload, please proceed forward in a single file line. We are asking for your patience as we will now have more cars in line. Students must be in homeroom by 7:25am.

Student pick-up will begin at 1:10pm. We ask that families do not arrive much earlier than 1:00pm. Once cars are backed up to the entrance, we ask that you go up the driveway into the bus lot and come back down to get in line. Please do not perform any "K-turn" maneuvers in the driveway. Again, we are asking for your patience as we will now have more cars in line.

Mask Guidelines

Please be sure all in-person students are in compliance with the updated mask guidelines.

Keystone / PSSA Schedule

Keystone Exam Schedule (Middle Level)

Algebra 1 Keystone Exam (Students enrolled in Alg 1/Alg 2) - May 19, 20

PSSA Testing Schedule (Middle Level)

ELA - May 25, 26, 27

Math - June 2, 3

Science - June 8, 9

Students will be participating in both PSSA and Keystone Exams (those in Alg 1) this spring. In-person students will take their assessments on the dates listed above. Remote Only students are expected to come into the building on the days of testing and participate. If parents wish to opt their child out of testing, please email Mr. Kelly (mkelly@eastpennsd.org) your intent to do so. Be sure to include your child's name, grade level, and the reason for the exemption (ex: religious, health/safety due to Covid, etc...). More information regarding PSSA testing will be sent out in the upcoming weeks.

School Calendar