Weekly Word

2/3 HA Multiage

January 11, 2016

What We're Learning

Reading: AR and Book Club Reading

Writing: Persuasive Paragraph Writing

Language: Wordly Wise Lesson 9

Spelling: Lesson 15: Changing Final /y/ to /i/

Math Magicians (2nd): Ch. 14 - Time (test Tues); Ch. 15 - Multiplication

Math Masters (3rd): Ch. 15 - Customary Measurement (test Tues.); Ch. 16 - Time

Social Studies: Play-doh Economics and Time for Kids

Homework: Folders due on Friday morning

News To Know:

Not much news to report this week....we are simply getting back into the swing of things. Our first real blast of cold has finally hit, so please be sure kids layer up! If there are any delays or closings, they will be reported on local news and radio stations; have you signed up for Pinwheel? It will alert you to closings/delays via email and/or text. You can sign up at https://trypinwheel.com. I'm crossing my fingers for no delays/closings...too much to do!!

Mark Your Calendars...

Wed., Jan. 13 - Report card confirmation slips due back to school

Wed., Jan. 20 - 100th Day of School

Feb. 29 - March 4 - Testing week: ISTEP, Part 1 (3rd gr. only)

March 14 - IREAD Test Day (3rd gr. only)