Instant Checkmate Review. Review. Legit or Scam.

Instant Checkmate Review

Instant checkmate is probably the largest if not the second or third largest instant search background check company on the internet.


Instantcheckmate is a public records aggregator. Meaning they get their records from county courthouses, police departments, sheriff offices, and other official sources. In order to maintain a database that's up to date, they have to keep it refreshed regularly. Being one of the larger instant background check companies online they deliver on that. But just how often this is done is really unknown. Going directly to local sources is probably the best way to go if you want the most accurate information. But it's not effective because most times we need a search done on a national level, not a regional level. So having the nationwide database is a big plus when you don't have to much time.

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Instant Checkmate Cost

Instant Checkmate has a standard and premium report. The standard report includes personal information like date of birth, address history, people that are related, phone numbers, licenses, arrest records, vital records like marriage and divorce. The standard subscription will let you do unlimited searches. The premier report is an additional fee of $19.99 this will include additional information like civil judgments, ucc filing, property owned, gun permits, varies permits and licenses, tax liens, email addresses, criminal records, associates and more.

As of this writing here the instant checkmate price break down (they do change pricing and membership cost so double check).

Membership Plans (Unlimited Persons Report)

Option 1: The initial price of $34.78 and re-bills $34.78 every 1 month(s)

Option 2: The initial price of $83.47 and re-bills $83.47 every 3 month(s)

$1.00 Trial Membership (5 days)

Trial Membership Plan will be charged $29.63 immediately and $29.63 approximately every thirty (30) days thereafter, unless and until you cancel.

Is Instant Checkmate Scam or Legit.

Is instant checkmate safe to use and will my credit card information be safe? The short answer is yes they are a legit company providing a paid for service online. Read the fine print If you don't cancel your monthly plan they will keep charging.

Where do most issues come from? Some people have issues with instant checkmate and other instant background check companies. Customers must understand that some of the people you do searches on don't have much in terms of records. They have a pretty clean background. Not everyone will have a monster background report. Instant checkmate charges to look at the full report. People get upset when they don't find anything juicy and have to pay for it. At the end of the day, Instant Checkmate is a business.

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Instant Checkmate Free Trial.

Does instant checkmate offer a free trial? I found the answer on their site.

"Are you looking for ways to build a free background check report, and you're asking yourself, "Is Instant Checkmate free?" or maybe, "Is there a free Instant Checkmate trial?" Unfortunately we can't give away reports for free.

Instant Checkmate is a paid subscription service where members can sign up for either a one month, or three month membership that gives them unlimited access to our standard background check reports."

It's pretty clear.

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Useful Links and Information.

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