The New Deal

Kinsey Kiser


The new deal was a plan Franklin Roosevelt proposed through his election to "get America back on track". He layer out many ideas trying to guide people to trust the banks again, raise farmers incomes by decreasing the amount they make, and create better ways the younger generation can bring home money to there families while helping everybody else out.



Although some Americans weren't happy with all the decisions made, people don't realize that not everything can be fixed at once. Roosevelt tried to help everyone but not all the decisions had a positive impact on everybody. He went through with the New Deal with a "can do" attitude. He had small chats on the radio that gave the citizens the feeling as if he was talking to them personally, which made the people of the U.S. more secure and trustworthy of Franklin. It was at first a very warm and positive atmosphere.


Non Examples

  • Four months would elapse before taking office. It was a flaw in the system that would be fixed after his term, which just made the people wait a little bit longer for change.
  • Codes of practice
  • Supreme court steps in with Roosevelt's plan
  • American Liberty League