Let's make it fair

Taxes - What are they?

A tax is a sum of money that is demanded by the government to give support for facilities or services, levied on incomes, property, or sales.

The purpose of having them is to pay for needed services, and fund education. Taxes also can help the nation out of debt.

What we believe is best

We believe that taxes should be raised for the wealthy and lowered for the middle class. It would be good because the wealthy can afford it. The middle class would have more money and costs would also be lowered for them. This tax change would also cause an increase in supplies which would also cause sales to go up. This would result in very good economic growth.

We also favor tax cuts. Having tax cuts would be very beneficial because retirees would have a greater take-home pay. There would also be more responsibility with accounting, and more money for customers. There would also be more buyers which would also help economic growth.