Mockingbird Newsletter

September 6, 2019

Upcoming Events

Fundraiser Due to Mockingbird September 17th
Field Trip 3rd Grade to Josyln September 17th
Field Trip 5th Grade Youth Frontier Day September 18th
District Inservice No School September 20th
Shirt Order Form Goes Home September 26th
Fundraiser Item Delivery and Pick Up October 2nd Starting at 1:15 PM
Shirt Order Forms Due October 4th
School Pictures October 10th
Parent Teacher Conferences October 15th and 16th
District Inservice No School October 17th or 18th.
Outdoor Education 6th Grade October 21st-23rd.
Field Trip 5th Grade Zoo October 25th
Trunk or Treat October 30th


Due to a variety of safety concerns we are adjusting our dismissal procedures. I have included some highlights of the changes and the reasons for the changes. Changes will take place starting SEPTEMBER 23rd.


  • All in vehicle pick up will happen in the right lane ONLY. Adults need to stay in your vehicle. We will bring your child to you.
  • NO parking will be permitted on the left side during dismissal unless you have a meeting. The left lane will be closed.
  • NO crossing in front of traffic in either direction for adults or students. All crossings will be done at the designated cross walks. The middle lane will be for exiting the drive only.


  • Safety - Students and parents are crossing in front of the middle lane without waiting to see if traffic has stopped.
  • Access - Emergency Services (Ambulance, Fire, Police) need access to the building at all times.
  • Frustration - Parents have voiced frustration with people blocking the left lane and cutting in front of those who have waited patiently.
  • Accidents - Our dismissal lanes are not meant for side by side traffic so we have had several fender benders as people have tried to squeeze by each other.

Recommendations For Arrival - To alleviate some of the wait time here is a recommendation for arrival times to pick up your child. Remember dismissal lasts from 3:30-3:45.

  • Youngest Child PreK or K 3:25
  • Youngest Child 1st-2nd 3:35
  • Youngest Child 3rd-6th 3:40

Student Verification

Please complete student verification through R-KIDS. We use this information to communicate important events and connect to you in case of emergency. If you need your login information please call the Mockingbird office so we can assist you.