Springfield Council of PTAs Monthly

Volume 4, Issue 4/May 2020

Letter From the President

By Julia Spiva


Well, it has certainly been a unique school year!

It was my privilege to participate in the installation of officers for Glendale High School’s PTSA this morning. The Flower Installation has been a favorite of mine. My introduction to PTA was when my daughter Madison was in kindergarten at Sequiota Elementary, and I received a phone call asking me if I would like to be the parliamentarian for PTA. I had to ask what a parliamentarian was, and perhaps many of you have received a similar call or invitation. It has been my honor and privilege to be a part of PTA all of these years. They have flown by! My daughter was a senior this year, and I wish I could go back and do it all again.

The Flower Installation starts with a quote from Thomas Carlyle, who said, “All work is seed sown; it grows and spreads, and sows itself anew.” Certainly, this is true in PTA. This Springfield Council of PTAs, which is you, will plant new seeds…seeds of cooperation and warm hospitality, seeds whose flowering will mean the harvest of efforts on behalf of PTA’s mission. So, to all of the newly elected officers and those who will be elected, may you find great joy in helping make this a better world for children and youth.

Please know that your SCPTA officers are holding in place with our current positions per MOPTA and that we are here for you! Our emails and phone numbers are listed below, and we would love to hear from you!

Congratulations to Central High School for not only having the highest membership in the 1000+ student category but also being the unit with the highest numerical increase and the unit with the greatest percentage increase!! Disney Elementary rocked it again this year with the highest total membership! Way to go!!

This last newsletter for 2019-2020 is full of some very uplifting articles and videos.

  • Please take the time to watch the Board of Education President Dr. Alina Lehnert’s video. We are blessed to have such a fantastic partner in Springfield Public Schools and the Board of Education!
  • We hope that we will be able to hold a Diversity & Inclusion Celebration in person, and until then, please enjoy the beautiful video put together by our Diversity & Inclusion Advisor, Toi Allen.
  • It was an honor as SCPTA president to be a part of the teacher of the year committee and the exciting announcement of our 2020-2021 teacher of the year! I hope that we get to celebrate with everyone at the SPS teacher of the year banquet on August 31st! Other noteworthy honors were being a part of the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools as an ex facto board member and serving as chair for the School Crossing Protection Committee.

The end of the year brings with it all of those “wrap it up” lists. Handing over procedure binders and necessary files to the next officer is critical and respectful. Remember, all PTA materials belong to PTA, not to the individual officer or member. Here are a few things that should be on your checklist:

IF you were able to elect your new officers per your by-laws please:
  • Make sure to submit all your officers and chairpersons with their contact information to MOPTA at office1@mopta.org and president@scptamo.com
  • If installing new officers, be sure they have all records as soon as safely possible. Procedures, documents, etc. can be kept on a google drive. However, physical
  • Copies of financial records are required to be kept by the treasurer, including bank statements, checkbook registers, and expense records.
  • Change signatures on your PTA bank account(s) to the new treasurer, secretary, and president.
  • Your unit membership should vote on next school year’s budget in May if possible, or be prepared to do that in August.
  • Your treasurer should pay all bills, settle all accounts, and have records ready for the financial review. A financial review committee should be appointed to review the treasurer’s books by the end of July or sooner. Treasurer also prepares an End of Year Report after your books are closed (by June 30). You can file your 990N (as soon as books are closed) at www.file990.org. The IRS deadline for 990 is November 15.
  • Double check that your bylaws are current and that your fiscal year is set for to be July 1 to June 30. If you have questions on this, contact Mandy Mitchell, mandym@mopta.org or Julia Spiva, president@scptamo.com 417-379-1109
  • Start on your master calendar that includes the above deadlines. We know that the rest is TBD.
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SCPTA Honors Board of Education, Helps Designate School Board Recognition Day

On behalf of all PTA/PTSA units, SCPTA honored the Board of Education at their regular meeting on April 21. Due to the coronavirus quarantine, the Board held a virtual meeting.

SCPTA Legislative Chair Donna Petiford was instrumental in working with state and local officials to draft resolutions thanking past and present Board members for the vital work they do for all children in our public school system.

Because SCPTA Board members could not attend, BOE President Dr. Alina Lehnert introduced the Missouri Senate Resolution and the Proclamation from Springfield Mayor Ken McClure, which designates April 21 as School Board Recognition Day. SCPTA also acknowledged the anniversary of the passing of Proposition S.

Dr. Lehnert praised PTA for the critical part they play in the well being of all children and for the organization's spirit of volunteerism.

Resolution Recognizing School Board

Join Us in Celebrating the 2020 Diversity & Inclusion Celebration with this Outstanding Presentation!

Diversity and Inclusion Celebration

Thank You to Diversity & Inclusion Adviser Toi Allen for Preparing This Wonderful Video!

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Membership Award Winners

Congratulations to this year's recipients of the Golden Gavel Awards and thank you so much for your tremendous efforts!

  • Unit with Highest Numerical Increase: Central High School PTSA
  • Unit with Largest % Increase: Central High School PTSA
  • Unit with Highest Total Membership: Disney Elementary PTA
  • Unit with Highest Membership based upon School Enrollment–
  • (0-250) Delaware Elementary PTA
  • (251-350) David Harrison Elementary PTA
  • (351-600) Wanda Gray Elementary PTA
  • (601-999) Walt Disney Elementary PTSA
  • (1000+) Central High School PTSA
Progress as Promised Update May 2020

Proposition S Update

On April 2, 2019, 61.22% of Springfield Public Schools’ voters approved an 18-cent increase to the debt-service levy to fund 39 high-priority projects (Proposition S). The projects include renovations, expansion, and/or new construction for six schools and the creation of safer entrances at 31 schools. Space to add early childhood classrooms was created at three locations. The $167.73 million bond addresses safety, accessibility, and quality issues.

One year later and “nearly all projects are on schedule or slightly ahead”,

according to this News-Leader article.

To keep up on the latest project information,

see the SPS website: https://www.sps.org/progress

Important Reminders for SPS Explore and Grab & Go Meals


  • June session: Virtual Only

  • July session: Elementary and middle school students can choose virtual, seated, or blended. High school is virtual only. View list of sites providing seated classes for July session.

    • If you have already enrolled in seated classes for July, before Wednesday, May 27, you will need to re-register. If you enrolled for virtual classes before May 27, for July, you do not need to re-register. Learn more here.
    • To receive bus transportation on the first day of seated classes in July, you must register by June 5. Transportation is not available for students participating in blended classes.
    • If you have questions, please call the Explore office at 523-4747 or the online office at 523-0417 for questions about online high school classes.
    • In June, per federal guidelines, free breakfast and lunch will be provided to all students 18 and younger at these designated sites, including the dates and times for pick up.
    • In July, per federal guidelines, free breakfast and lunch will be served to students participating in seated/blended classes on the days they attend school at the site where they attend. Students attending virtually or any student 18 or younger can pick up Grab & Go meals at these designated sites on the dates and times indicated.

Summer Grab & Go Meal Service

Changes include pick up locations, days, and times.

  1. Fifteen sites will serve as pick up locations: Bingham, Bowerman, Central, Fremont, Glendale, Gray, Jeffries, McGregor, Parkview, Reed, Sherwood, Truman, Twain, Weller, and Westport.

  2. Pick up days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, May 27 - June 30

    1. On Monday-pick up meals for Monday and Tuesday

    2. On Wednesday-pick up meals for Wednesday and Thursday

    3. On Friday-pick up meals for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

  3. Pick up times are 10 a.m. - Noon.

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News From Your PTA Clothing Bank

By Mandy Mitchell


Our last day at the Clothing Bank was March 5. We had plans to return after Spring Break but were unable to do so because of Covid-19. As of today, May 22, our school buildings and much of our city is still shut down. We have been planning on how to return to serve the kids of SPS, but it will take some time to make changes in the way we serve to keep everyone safe.

As of today, summer shopping dates and back to school shopping is unclear.

Regardless of what decisions we make and how things look, THANK YOU for your teamwork and dedication that made The PTA Clothing Bank an excellent place for yet another year!

New SPS Definitions for Volunteers & Visitors

Provided by Amy L. Patton
Coordinator of Student and School Services


Welcome back, PTA volunteers, and visitors! We are excited to be preparing for a new school year. Our volunteer program has experienced some changes in background checks due to a recent state statute change. Please review the definitions of visitors and screened volunteers. Examples of each are provided to assist you in that determination. Screened volunteers will now be required to complete fingerprinting and registration with the Family Care Safety Registry. Be on the lookout for more details to come soon. Thank you for your continued commitment and dedication to SPS students and staff!

New definitions

A Visitor is a parent, relative, or other adults with permission of the child’s parent or guardian

who visits the school for a specific event or reason or attends an off-campus
school-sponsored event. There is no reasonable expectation that a visitor would be alone

with a child other than their own.

A visitor checks in at the front office presents their identification for clearance through the
Visitor Management System, and wears a “Visitor” sticker at all times while in the building,

at an off-campus school event, or field trip during school hours.

Screened Volunteers are adults who assist teachers, administrators, or other staff in public
school classrooms, schools, or school district programs and who do not receive

compensation for their work.

Screened Volunteers serve under the guidance and direction of district personnel.
Volunteers have submitted a Volunteer Application to the school district, have cleared a
background check and will wear identifying stickers or badges at all times while on school

grounds or at school-sponsored events.

All Volunteers, like all adults entering our school buildings, must check-in at the front desk and present their identification for approval through the Visitor Management System.

Examples of a VISITOR:
  • A person attending assembly/play
  • Parent-teacher conference participants
  • Individuals attending IEP/504 meetings
  • PTA meetings
  • A person visiting for lunch
  • Community/business members visiting for a singular event under the supervision of admin
  • or teachers
  • A person attending a field trip with their child
  • A person attending a class party
  • Guest speaker
  • A person attending the book fair with their child
  • Examples of a screened volunteer
  • Person chaperoning an overnight event
  • Book Fair volunteer
  • RSVP reading buddy
  • Library worker
  • Office helper
  • Classroom support
  • Reading/Math Tutor
  • Community Partnership of the Ozarks volunteers
  • Field trip chaperone
  • Leaders/Helpers of any school-sponsored before or after school clubs
  • Field day station volunteers

Tips from The Treasurer

By Leslie Norman


As looking forward to the 2020-2021 year, remember your final duty of finishing books and having your audit team in place now to review once complete. Start the process of planning the budget for the coming year. Several resources are in the reports section of Money Minder to compare expenses year over year.

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Missouri PTA 2020 Reflections Program - Digital Showcase

This year was a first for Missouri PTA! With the postponement of the annual Missouri PTA Convention, the Reflections Showcase is now available online! Missouri PTA is incredibly proud of all of our Missouri Reflections participants and winners! All Reflections awards and certificates will be in the mail soon!

Arts Education is essential and invaluable to so many aspects of education! These artists who exemplify creative learning, and who reach beyond their capabilities to create artwork are an inspiration for all of us. Enjoy this online presentation! Thank you, parents, PTA leaders, students, teachers! The Reflections program is what it is because of you! Missouri PTA is grateful for your continued support!

Artists, keep up the excellent work! Continue to excel and create! Be an inspiration!

Next year, we will all be together to celebrate!

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Good Morning Springfield May 2020 Update

Historian Reports

President's Report--Julia Spiva

Council activities started on July 22, 2019, with our first planning meeting as an Executive Committee. Our first official Executive Board Meeting was held at KAC on August 21, 2019, and then each 3rd Wednesday of the month in person through February 2020. Officer Orientation was held at KAC on September 18, 2019. SCPTA General Membership meetings kicked off at Parkview High School on September 4, 2019, followed by in-person meetings in October, November, January, and March. February’s General Membership meeting was canceled due to bad weather and school being canceled. Executive Meetings were held via Zoom in the months of March, April, and May of 2020. Updates were given via Zoom and Facebook Live in the months of April and May in place of General Membership meetings. My activities and involvement for this past year are offered below in a list format for the sake of space.

As the president for SCPTA, I:

  • Set the master calendar for the year and secured monthly meeting locations for Executive and General Membership meetings

  • Traveled to Columbus Ohio for the National PTA Convention

  • Attended a two-day leadership conference in August

  • Presented to the School Board in August

  • Attended ribbon cuttings at the new Delaware Elementary site and Sunshine Elementary

  • Participated in Kids First meetings at KAC

  • Attended Good Morning Springfield breakfast meetings and Business After Hours to promote SCPTA as well as a Biz Blitz which culminated in SCPTA joining 120 not for profit organizations as a member of the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Chaired the quarterly meetings of the School Crossing Protection Committee

  • Attended a board meeting of the Foundation for SPS as an ex-officio member, FSPS Donor Recognition Luncheon and all of their Lunch & Learns

  • Secured a $4000 donation from FSPS for the PTA Clothing Bank to buy coats

  • Volunteered at the PTA Clothing Bank

  • Participated in MOPTA monthly conference calls for council presidents

  • Served on the Founders Day committee

  • Arranged for Principals gifts in October

  • Participated in Teacher of the Year selection committee

I have enjoyed all of my activities, meetings, and discoveries--with and about--our schools and leadership in our district. It is an honor to get to know our school board members and see that we, PTA, have a voice in our school district. It has been a truly unique school year.

All agendas and SCPTA officer reports are archived at www.scptamo.com in the monthly newsletters. Please review for details and helpful links and information. Meeting minutes are also posted on our website. All general membership meetings are opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Hosting school students provided entertainment at each meeting.

September 4: SCPTA met at Parkview High School for our first general membership meeting of the school year. Principal Dr. Eric Ramsey informed us of the Parkview. Program-Leadership School. Dr. Jungmann gave us an update, and all SCPTA Executive Committee and Board members were introduced. The May minutes were approved, financial audit presented, and information was provided regarding the PTA Clothing bank. It was our first meeting with an opportunity to have a meeting after the meeting and talk with SCPTA board members one on one to ask questions.

October 2: We met at Disney Elementary with Wanda Gray Elementary co-hosting. The Disney Dynamics and Wanda Gray’s Gray-T Singers provided the entertainment. Carol Embree gave the superintendent’s report and recognized Disney and Wanda Gray’s PTAs and staff. FSPS Director Natalie Murdock presented information about their Lunch and Learn program. Our guest speakers were Rob Blevins, Executive Director, and Jackie Douglas from The Discovery Center, providing information on STEM and Opioid Education for All Program.

November 6: Legislative Town Hall was coordinated by our Legislative Chair, Donna Petiford, and moderated by VP of Legislation and Advocacy for Missouri PTA, Kristina Wilmoth. Five elected officials were in attendance. Questions were regarding education funding, tuition tax credits (vouchers) charter school expansion, and school safety. Treasurer’s and the Clothing Bank reports were given.

January 8: We met at The Discovery Center and reports were given by superintendent Dr. John Jungmann, VP of Health and Public Services Mandy Mitchell about the PTA Clothing Bank, VP of Programs Christi Matthews regarding Reflections and RIF and Treasurer’s report by Leslie Norman.

February 5: We were supposed to meet at Glendale High School. Mother Nature had other ideas, and school was canceled as well as our general membership meeting.

March 4: We met at Hillcrest High School not knowing that this would be our last meeting of the school year. Music was provided by the Hillcrest Orchestra and refreshments by the Hillcrest Culinary students. Principal Dr. Rob Kroll introduced the Hillcrest Madrigal singers and after they performed he showed us a short student-produced film on the top 10 reasons to come to Hillcrest. Dr. Jungmann provided the superintendent’s update. Reports were then given by treasurer Leslie Norman, Legislative Chair Donna Petiford, and VP of the Clothing Bank Mandy Mitchell who also updated us as our MOPTA representative. VP of Org and Dev distributed CARE and McBride checks to schools and principals. We were able to have a working meeting after the general membership meeting and met one on one to answer questions.

April 1: SCPTA Executive Committee met via Zoom and live-streamed a “What’s Up Next” informational meeting via Facebook.

May 6: SCPTA Executive members once again met via Zoom and live-streamed updates to our general membership. It was not the year-end celebration that we would have liked and the SCPTA Executive Board is holding in place per MOPTA. Future meetings are TBD.

Membership Report:

Total Council memberships for 2019-2020 are 3465 individuals and 182 businesses. Total: 3647. Thank you for being a member! PS: Just ten years ago, our Council had 12,000 members. We can do it again. Remember to ask people to join!

Founders Day Report:

Founders Day Banquet was held on February 27th at Kickapoo High School with Principal Dr. Bill Powers and Assistant Principal Chris Hunsaker acting as our outstanding hosts. The theme was “The Show Must Go On” from The Greatest Showman focusing on “A Million Dreams for the World We’re Gonna Make”.

Setup, including decorations, were assembled by Kickapoo PTSA President Anne Burdick and her amazing team including a fantastic photo booth. Our fabulous Emcee was Mr. Kirk Elmquist, a Kickapoo parent, and our entertainment kicked off with a special presentation by the Disney Dynamics & Wanda Gray’s Gray-T-Singers. Kickapoo Jazz Band and Chamber Orchestra provided music prior to dinner which was prepared and served by SPS Food Services. Dinner music was provided by Kickapoo Jazz Band and Chamber Choir.

The PTA Clothing Bank volunteers were recognized and a $4000 check presentation was done by Natalie Murdock from the Foundation for SPS for winter coats. We then celebrated SCPTA past presidents who were in attendance, and of course, we recognized and gave a gift to our wonderful Volunteers of the Year with the help of our SPS Board of Education President, Tim Rosenbury and Board Member Gerry Lee.

Treasurer's Report--Leslie Norman

As treasurer, I paid reimbursement requests in a timely fashion after authorization by two board members. I made deposits promptly, kept records of Founders Day ticket sales for event registration, and submitted Monthly Treasurer Report and Income & Expense Compared to Budget reports. I also provided Transactions by Category Reports for board chairs, performed monthly reconciliations, and gave guidance and information on expenses when needed for information on votes. I streamlined accounting by merging CARE and McBride scholarship accounts into the General Account and assisted with planning for the 2020-2021 budget.

Vice President of Health & Public Services--Mandy Mitchell

The PTA Clothing Bank served SPS students during the 2019-2020 school year for a total of 1,861 students shopping in June 2019 through March 2020. Students took home 9,305 tops and 5,583 bottoms. Many many jackets, coats, hats, and gloves went out of our doors. This school year, students were able to select new socks and underwear TWICE during the school year and took them home once each semester. Bombas Socks continued their grant of new socks and donated many new pairs of socks.

The PTA Clothing Bank received generous support from direct donations from individuals, companies, and PTA units.

Our partners, the Kiwanis Shoe Bank, provided new shoes to our SPS students from their location inside The PTA Clothing Bank.

Our last day at the Clothing Bank was March 5. We had plans to return after Spring Break but were unable to do so because of Covid-19. As of today, May 20, our school buildings and much of our city is still shut down. We have been planning on how to return to serve the kids of SPS, but it will take some time to make changes in the way we serve to keep everyone safe. As of today, summer shopping dates and back to school shopping is unclear.

Thank you for the teamwork and dedication that made The PTA Clothing Bank an excellent place for one more year!

VP of Organization & Development--Jennifer Penny

We have been so grateful in years past for the support from our schools that participated in the Major Saver discount card fundraiser. I proposed to the board that it might be time to look for new sources of fundraising to take the burden of card sales from the children whom we are trying to raise the money for. The board whole-heartedly agreed. Major Saver had been a forthright and outstanding organization to work with and I wrote them a letter on behalf of the board telling them so.

In lieu this fundraiser then, the board continued to brainstorm new ideas, sign up more meeting sponsors, find underwriters for CARE, McBride, and high school scholarships, and hold bingo nights at 4x4 Brewing Company.

We were again delighted this year that 25 of our eligible elementary schools received CARE Scholarships. And, all 12 qualifying middle and high schools received McBride Scholarships. We have again this year sought businesses and individuals to underwrite scholarships. We received $5,000 from a community member to completely fund the CARE and McBride scholarships. We couldn’t be more pleased with the effort and hope to continue this trend next year.

Legislative Report--Donna Petiford, Legislative Chair

In November, Council presented a Legislative Rally/Town Hall Meeting as part of our regular Council Meeting. Five elected officials attended with 45 PTA leaders and school administrators in attendance. Kristina Wilmoth, Missouri PTA VP of Legislation, served a moderator. School funding, tax credits/vouchers, charter school expansion, and school safety were discussed. The Springfield News-Leader covered the event and their story can be found at this link: https://www.news-leader.com/story/news/politics/2019/11/09/sgf-lawmakers-education-issues-pta/2509640001/

Council did not host a school board candidates’ forum this year because there were 3 candidates who filed paperwork for the 2 seats with expiring terms to be filled, however, one candidate, Tim Rosenbury, withdrew and Denise Fredrick and Shurita Thomas were granted the seats uncontested. Rosenbury resigned from the SPS BOE to take the newly formed position as Director of Quality of Place Initiatives for the City of Springfield.

Council recognized SPS Board of Education at their April 21, 2020, regular meeting by sending a letter of appreciation and requesting a resolution from the Missouri Senate (with the help of Sen. Lincoln Hough) and a proclamation from the Mayor's office (with the help of Johnathan Saunders, Assistant City Clerk, City of Springfield).

By hosting our legislative event, encouraging members to actively participate in legislative endeavors, and promoting PTA issues at the state and national level, our council was earned the Missouri PTA Advocacy through Legislation Outstanding Council Award.

VP of Promotion's Programs--Christi Matthews

This year it was a pleasure to work with Peggy Stepp and Jessica Rosa on Reading is Fundamental and Reflections.

Reading is Fundamental of Springfield distributes about 13,500 books a year to First and Second Graders throughout the District. This year, we were only able to hold two of three-book distributions due to schools holding online classes only. Plans are in the works to have the last book distribution next year. I enjoyed attending and supporting RIF in Board Meetings, training dates, distributions, and planning meetings.

Reflections held three training sessions, a Submission Workshop, a judging date, and Showcase.

On the Springfield level, Reflections handed out over 30 awards. More than 14 of those students went on to receive placements at the State level, and one of our students went on to place at the National level. We are all so proud of the work our students created.

Diversity and Inclusion Advisor--Toi Allen

I attended Diversity and Inclusion meetings for The Equity and Diversity Advisory Council
committee. This committee provided the SPS School Board with suggestions to help provide
cultural awareness and relevant educational experiences for our schools with an intentional focus on historically underrepresented and under-resourced groups (HUGs)

The board accepted EDCA’s (Equity and Diversity Advisory Council) committee
recommendation to create a 5th Focus area to SPS’s strategic plan. With efforts to create and
sustain a learning environment that supports equity and diversity through the development of
staff, and expanding diverse workforce, also enhancing academic supports and culturally-relevant curriculum and promoting increased engagement and backing of underrepresented and under-resourced students.

I put together a Diversity Inclusion Celebration movie to show Diversity & Inclusion efforts for the April meeting and then the May newsletter.

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Congratulations to SPS Teacher of the Year Armando Johnson

Springfield Public Schools named Central High School Spanish teacher Armando Johnson as its "Teacher of the Year."

Johnson's desire for teaching ignited while working as a drill sergeant at a boot camp prison where he taught a job-acquisition resume skills course. Since earning his education degree, he has taught Spanish for 22 years. Before joining SPS in 2011, he was the head men's basketball coach at Labette Community College. He retired from coaching in 2019 to concentrate on the classroom and to ensure that underrepresented youth can see someone who looks like them and shares a similar background. Johnson is dedicated to being the person for his students that he needed when he was growing up.

Incorporating American Sign Language into teaching Spanish, to reach his kinesthetic learners, is just one way he differentiates his instruction for his students. Whether he is in his classroom or on a court working with students from CHS' feeder schools, offering free basketball training, Johnson is teaching the students he encounters to be positive, productive students, citizens, and family members. A firm believer in giving students grace, Johnson helps connect students to the world outside of the classroom by providing them with a vast array of cultural knowledge of Latin American identity and history.

Johnson was selected as Teacher of the Year from five finalists that included Shannon Bossing, Harrison Elementary, Betsy Cannella, Kickapoo High School; Cary Sikes, Gray Elementary; and Michelle Slominsky, Sequiota Elementary. The finalists were selected from over 220 nominees.

The Teacher of the Year and the remaining finalists will be recognized during a banquet hosted by Foundation for Springfield Public Schools in August.

Johnson will go on to compete for Regional Teacher of the Year, sponsored by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
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Your 2019-2020 SCPTA Officers & Chairs

President: Julia Spiva, president@scptamo.com

VP of Organization and Development: Jennifer Penny, orgdev@scptamo.com
• Bylaws:
• Legislation/Resolutions: Donna Petiford, petiford@sbcglobal.net
• Scholarships: Becky Volz, scholarships@scptamo.com

VP of Health and Public Services: Mandy Mitchell, clothingbank@scptamo.com

VP of Programs: Christi Matthews, programs@scptamo.com
• Reflections: Jessica Rosa, jessica@jrosaphoto.com
• Fourth-Grade Play: Breana Kavanaugh bnkavanaugh@spsmail.org
• RIF: Mary Christiano, mary@christiano.us

Secretary: Sarah Whitten, secretary@scptamo.com
Treasurer: Leslie Norman, treasurer@scptamo.com


Parliamentarian: Donna Petiford, donnapetiford@gmail.com

Diversity & Inclusion Adviser: Toi Allen, taocoach@yahoo.com

Administrative Assistant: Mattie James, Glendale High School
Advisors: Elementary: Stephanie Young, Delaware Elementary
Middle School: Andre Illig, Cherokee Middle School
High School: Chris Hunsaker Kickapoo High School
Superintendent Representative: Dr. Michael Methvin
Board of Education Representative: Gerry Lee lee@mosba.org
MOPTA Representative: Mandy Mitchell, mandym@mopta.org

MOPTA Office: 573-445-4161
National PTA Office: 800-307-4782

Springfield Council of PTAs

Council Goals

  • To provide leadership development for local units and council board members
  • To serve as a resource for education, parenting information, and legislative issues
  • To encourage parent and public involvement in Springfield Public Schools