The Largest Planet: Jupiter

By Sushant Ramesh


Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System and is bigger than all of the other planets combined. It is the fifth planet in our Solar System and has lots of moons. It is considered a gas giant and is made up of many gases. It also has rings, but they are not noticed.

What is Jupiter Made Up Off?

Jupiter is made up of gas. It contains helium and hydrogen. These are the main components, but there many other gases under these categories. There is Metallic Hydrogen, molecular hydrogen, methane gas and then the mantle is made up of water and ice. The earths mantle is lava and is opposite of Jupiter's.

The Great Red Spot

Jupiter, like Earth has storms. The Great Red Spot has gotten it's name for many reasons. One of them is it's size. The red spot is 3 times Earth's diameter! The great red spot is also great due to it's age. It moves like a hurricane, but a hurricane only lasts a few hours, while the Great Red Spot has been brewing for the last few centuries.
In 1994 comet Shoemaker-Levy was torn apart by Jupiter's gravity. This comet had a huge chance to hit earth and Jupiter completely shattered it.