The garden of Puebla sierra


From Puebla:140D y Acajete-Teziutlan/Carretera Federal 129/mexico 129/teziutlan acajete
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City ​​Hall

It was built in the 1800s , being owned by Mr. Don Ambrosio Moon. In 1872 , he settled in construction, the first hospital founded by María de Cura Lauro Bocarando . Finally , in 1890 it became the current city hall.
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Parade ground

the place has a very special value , since this was where was held the first demonstration against the law of land on September 19, 1938 , being Tlatlauquitepec the only municipality to do so.

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Sanctuary of the Lord of Huaxtla

A beautiful sculpture of Jesus Crucified " Lord of Huaxtla " is venerated. Its construction dates from 1701 , when the priest Sunday Fonseca Martin built the first chapel , which was a small wooden house with grass .

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Cerro Cabezón

The cabezón hill that offers breathtaking scenery consists of cliffs and evergreen pine and fir vegetation, it is a monolith of limestone containing numerous caves and the effect of water filtration stalactites and stalagmites which conform offer a natural artistic spectacle .

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