Mushindo Aikido Kids

1 Month Free Kiddies Aikido Martial Arts Classes

Mushindo Aikido would like to invite all parents to bring their kids (ages 6-12) for 1 months free Kids Aikido classes.

What better Martial Art for your Kids than the Art of Peace.

Aikido is also known as the art of peace , Aikido is strictly a defensive art. It is the best self-defense Martial Art in the World as it concentrates on using your attackers force and power against him. It is very effective as a self-defense and kids love it!

Mushindo Aikido school of Samurai Martial Arts for Kids

Classes start 7 January 2014.

Time: Tues. & Thurs. 16:30-18:30

Please book via email before 30 December as limited space is available.