Jefferson Craig Newsletter

Welcome Back Information

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Jefferson Craig is excited to start the 2021-22 school year! We cannot wait to see all the smiling faces from students and staff in our building. As principal, I want to let you know some important information for the upcoming school year.



Back to School Information

○ Please refer to the link provided for all of the important information concerning back to school procedures. The important information outlines all the ways we will try to keep our students and staff safe! Parents can also find this document on the Switzerland County School webpage.

Back to School Plan 2021-22

Registration, Cafeteria, and Book Costs

○ Please click the link below for all the important information regarding registering your child, school Chromebook, device information, cafeteria and book costs. It is VERY important that you read and carefully fill out online forms that may help with book fees. Registration opens Monday, July 26.

Registration Information 2021-2022

Walking Child(ren) into the Building/Classroom

○ Moving forward, we are still not allowing parents to walk their child(ren) to their classrooms. We understand that many parents like to do this the first day/week of school, but this creates safety concerns. I would suggest taking your pictures at the sign and in the entryway of the building prior to the first day of school so there is not a big crowd.

Open House

○ This year we will offer an in-person and/or virtual Open House. The in-person Open House will happen on August 5, from 4-6pm. Please stop in at any time between 4-6pm and tour the school, take a picture, and meet your child(ren) teacher(s). The virtual option will be online with information forth coming.

Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up for Beginning/During/End of the School Day

○ We want to encourage parents to use the carline pick-up and drop-off at the beginning and end of each day. This means we will NOT allow parents to stand or sit in the open office areas to wait on students to be picked up/dismissed. Again, this will help to keep our students, staff, and parents safe.

○ At the end of the day, pick-ups will start at 2:47. Students in Kindergarten and any of their siblings (at JC) will be picked up on the east side of the school (Dupraz Street) by the Kindergarten doors. All other pick-ups during dismissal time will be at the cafeteria doors. See attached map for directions.

○ If a child(ren) needs to be picked up during the school day, please park your vehicle and ring the doorbell located by the front entrance and someone will assist you.


○ While we love and understand the importance of having volunteers in our building, we will not be allowing any volunteers for the 2021-2022 school year. This will also include parents who volunteer for classroom parties.


○ Snacks or any item brought in for parties and birthdays MUST be store bought and individually wrapped. This means no baked goods or even store bought items such as cupcakes unless they are individually wrapped and sealed.


○ It is important to keep your child home if he/she is sick. With this being said, we will consider each child’s situation on an individual level AND will be moving back towards our school AEP attendance program. The attendance policy is outlined in the JC Student Handbook, which located here and on our website.

2021-2022 Handbook

New Switzerland County School App

○ Switzerland County School Corporation has a new informational app. If you have not done so, download the new “all-in-one” app to your smart phones. You will find the latest information for any of the 4 schools in the district. It is easy. Just go to your phones App Store or Google Play and search “Switzerland County School Corp” (School Courier). You should see a picture of the School Crest...and download.

Vaccination Opportunity

○ Thursday, July 29, from 1-3pm the Switzerland County Health Department will be offering the Pfizer vaccine FREE to anyone 12 years of age and older. No appointment is needed and the location will be in the Switzerland County High School Cafeteria. If you have any questions please call the local Health Department at 812-427-3220.

Important Links


JC Student Motto


  • Own It!
  • Earn It!
  • Live It!


I realize these are some big changes, but we want to do our best to keep everyone safe and healthy. Please reach out to the school at 812-427-2170 if you have any questions or concerns.

Tony Spoores


Jefferson Craig Elementary School