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Shaw Montessori Newsletter - Week of October 17th

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  • Message From Principal Engdall
  • Message From Nurse Rose
  • Message From Laura Hildwein
  • Garden Update
  • Primary Outdoor Environment
  • Shaw Families Work Group
  • Message from Shaw PTA
  • Shaw Community Business Directory
  • October Meal Menu
  • Shaw Calendar
  • District Information

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Message From Principal Engdall

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Greetings Shaw Montessori,

You may see a new face around campus or hear your child mention Miss Jazmine. Miss Bahena joined us in September 2021 as a permanent substitute. She is on campus daily. This is her fourth consecutive year working in Montessori classrooms and she recently graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work. Jazmine enjoys swimming, dancing Ballet Folklorico, and making photo albums. She is passionate about advocating for Spanish Speaking families and other historically marginalized communities. Welcome Miss Jazmine, we are so glad you are here!

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It is with great sadness that we must cancel our International Day of the Child celebration this year. For those of you new to our community, International Day of the Child, it is a day designated to celebrating the great cultural diversity both at our school and in the world at large. Children dress in an ethnic costume from their family lineage and bring a dish to share in the Small World Potluck following our Small World Parade which is typically held the last week of October. We hope to bring this celebration back next year as it a school event that the children really love and look forward to.

Classrooms will still be learning together about other cultures, nations and continents and many will do country presentations in their classrooms.

This week we had tryouts for afterschool competitive flag football and volleyball. These teams star our amazing middle school students! We will keep you abreast of how we do as we play our weekly games against our sister district schools. Go Shaw Stars!

The 4th/5th/6th grade students had the opportunity to sign up for our flag football and volleyball club teams where they will learn skills basics, sportsmanship and even have some study time. It is so incredibly blissful to see our gym and sports field alive with so much energy, promise and fun!

Wishing you the very best,

Principal Engdall

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Message From Nurse Rose

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Covid cases

Family members: 2

Students: 1

Our Covid Pooled Testing resumed on Tuesday and we successfully tested 193 students/staff. We have 20 Pools and we had 1 Pool test positive. If your student was in that pool, you would have been informed first thing Weds. morning. All 9 students in the Pool were re-tested with the Binax Rapid Test as soon as they arrived on campus Wednesday morning.

Sign-up continues so if you are interested in having your student participate in our Weekly Pooled Testing, please use the following link:

Access Code: APC54P

Annual Health Screening Update: On Wednesday we did our Annual Vision and Health Screening for the School. For Vision Testing, we use the Spot Vision Screener for all grades. The Spot Vision Screener is a handheld, portable device designed to help quickly and easily detect vision issues on patients as young as six months. The test captures Myopia (nearsightedness), Hyperopia (farsightedness) , Astigmatism (irregularly shaped cornea which may cause blurred vision) , Anisometropia (1 eye near or short sighted), Strabismus (eye misalignment), and Aniscoria (unequal pupil size). A Vision Referral Letter will be sent home if your student did not pass the Vision Exam. For students with glasses, we can check if the prescription needs to be corrected.

For a failed Hearing Exam, we will do a repeat exam 4-6 weeks after the initial exam. In many cases, an initial Hearing Fail is due to a recent ear infection or fluid in the ear which should resolve within that window. A Hearing Referral Letter will be sent home if a 2nd Hearing Test is not passed.

Please contact the nurse if you have any questions, Rose RN School Nurse 602.257.3900

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Message From Laura Hildwein

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Helping your child have a successful school drop off

One of the most difficult things as a parent is seeing your child upset. When a child does not want to go to school and clings to us it can break our heart.

Here are a few tips to make the transition easier.

  1. Make goodbyes prompt and positive. Give a hug or a kiss and a reassurance that you will see them after school. Don’t linger or look back as kids can interpret this as you not having confidence in the school.
  2. Allow a staff member to assist with leading your child inside the gate if necessary. Most of the students quickly learn how to get to class on their own.
  3. Trust your school staff. If you child continues to cry once you are gone, we will reach out to you. Generally, within a few minutes of the transition, your child is fine and engaged in the classroom routine
  4. Establish an evening routine so your child gets enough sleep.
  5. Create a morning routine so your child knows what to expect prior to and during drop off.
  6. Talk to your student about school in a positive way. If you are anxious, they will pick up on it.
  7. At the end of the day ask your child about the best part of their school day.
  8. Give it time, there will be ups and downs. Sometimes there is more clinginess after a break or after a child realizes that school is a daily event. Children are resilient and adaptable, and it generally will smooth out fairly quickly.
  9. In the end it is often harder on the parents than it is on the child. They grow up fast but learning independence and how to navigate the world will serve them well. If you have questions or concerns please reach out to your child’s teacher or the school social worker, Laura Hildwein.

Here are a few titles to read with younger kids about transitions.

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

Llama, Llama Misses Mama by Anna Dewdney

The Invisible String by Patrice Karst

Franklin Goes to School by Paulette Bourgeois

Together we can help your children succeed!


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School Picture Retakes

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PICTURE RETAKES ARE COMING! If you want your child to take a re-take photo, you MUST CALL OR EMAIL TO GET YOUR CHILD ADDED TO THE LIST.

Phone: 602-523-8971/ Email:

We will not be photographing anyone who is not signed up.

The code for ordering RETAKES is: EVTGX4ZTX

This code will work only 1 week prior to picture day (10/26) and will close at 11am on 11/2.

Proofs from picture day 9/23 will be here very soon. If you haven’t had a chance to order school pictures yet don’t worry! You have over a year to order them before your child’s image is archived. A unique order code is generated for each student and is printed on the proofs you will receive shortly.

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Garden Update

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Our first week back from fall break was a busy one! We completed the last cycle of our seeding and said our positive phrases to our little seedlings. One first grader was observed whispering to her freshly planted seed, “you can do anything.” I nearly cried tears of joy.

We continued our lesson on soil and learned some new terminology-POROSITY. Quiz your students at home. We looked at the different porosities of various sediments and made our own healthy soils. Some students were allowed to visit the chickens and feed them by hand. This is helping the chickens acclimate to their new community. They are getting friendlier every day. We also seeded cotton, luffa gourds and saved a desert dove (thanks Leinbach’s class and Ms. Girard!).

Our parent workday was on Saturday (I’m writing this the day prior) and it was a great success (or so I hope)! Thank you to all the parents that came out and helped beautify our school environment! We will host another in the spring.

We still need your Home Depot donations. Even $25.00 is a huge contribution. Another way you can help is to drop off used coffee grounds. You can ask your local Starbucks barista for their used grounds and they will happily give them to you. Used coffee grounds are high in nitrogen and will be used as an amendment to our soil. You may drop off these bags at the front office.

Here’s the link to Home Depot gift cards:

Here’s my email:

Huge shoutout to Randi Frost for the Home Depot donation AND the Gilbert family who donated a large amount of money to our native garden project on Washington St! Thanks to Will Novak for making this contribution happen. You are the image of community building. We love you all.

Mr. Moench

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Primary Outdoor Environment

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Primary Garden Teacher Spotlight!

This is Megan Fisher. She is our essential volunteer and donates one to two days every week to help out in our garden, work on special projects, and fill in as a substitute for our full-time garden teachers. This is Megan’s second year volunteering in the garden and we greatly appreciate her service! Megan is the mother of an inquisitive child, who is currently in the primary grade level.

Why does Megan love the Primary ODE?

“I love seeing the kids get excited about gardening. Seeing the kids be enthusiastic about traditionally undesirable jobs like clearing out the compost bin or shoveling soil in to the garden beds is the fun part of this work. Plus, have you ever seen a child doing garden work using a little shovel with little gloves on that’s just their size? It’s adorable! I love watching the children accomplish these tough jobs and be really proud of themselves, it is priceless.”

Some fun facts about Megan:

She loves creating, working with her hands and creating anything! Some of her favorite mediums are painting, sewing, photography and pottery. She has a passion for everything outdoors. Camping, hiking, and kayaking are her family’s favorites. Megan is a self proclaimed horse girl. She grew up riding horses and still loves riding to this day. Some of her favorite treats are Ramen, Kit Kats, golden kiwis.

Remember that you can help out both the Primary and Elementary ODE’s by donating your uncrushed aluminum cans. Please drop them off near the Primary Gate Entrance.

Proceeds go to purchasing Chicken Feed.

Think Green,

Stacie Ricks

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Shaw Families Work Group

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Email your interest

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Message from Shaw PTA President - Leigh Ann Dolan

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I am so excited about this week’s PTA meeting!

Or, you know… as excited as you can be about a PTA meeting.

This Wednesday everyone is going to find out who the big winners are from the Fun Run (spoiler alert: WE ALL WON)

I love this meeting because it’s the one where we all get to celebrate how awesome we are. And we are awesome.

When we went into last month’s meeting, Joy and I had talked about our goal and we decided it was going to be $25,000. That’s what we told Boosterthon. And then I opened my mouth and the number $35,000 came out. Yikes. That was a mistake. And I apologize.

So when you are at the PTA meeting on Wednesday, keep that number in mind. I mean, we did hit it one year -- in 2017, but that was it.

So Joy and I were biting our nails the entire time, and … well, you will just have to come Wednesday to find out.

Site Council is at 5:30

PTA is at 6:00

There will be Pizza

Please come in person, but if you are in quarantine, here's the zoom:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 988 2340 2022

Passcode: 384907

See you there!

-Leigh Ann

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Shaw Community Business Directory

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Hello, Parents!

I have exciting news for our business owners. Ms. Engdall is updating the business directory page of our school website. Our goal is to promote the businesses of those who are members of our Shaw community.

If you would like to participate and promote your business through our business directory page, please click on the link below and complete the google form. If you have any questions, please contact me at

Thank you.

Eric Bonds

CLICK HERE for the google form.

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October Meal Menu

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Shaw Calendar

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District Info

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District Updates

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District Calendar

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