R.L. Stine

Author of many books

Facts about R.L. Stine

  • He makes his books because he loves to give kids the creeps

  • He's sold over 350 million books all over the world

  • Now he is one of the best selling children's author in history

  • When he was 9 he found a typewriter in his attic, and he was typing books on it all day.

  • He was never good at school, he was terrible at any subject except for reading of course

Two Book Summary

  1. In the book Planet of the Lawn Gnomes, Joe Burton and his family has decided to buy some new lawn gnomes to make the house look better. Joe has never liked his neighbor so he has decided to make a mess outside of his house overnight. When he goes outside he starts to see weird things that he shouldn't be seeing. All of a sudden he sees that the lawn gnomes are missing. He assumes that someone stole it and then he hears noises in the bushes. Then out comes the lawn gnomes. They take him to this gunky gooey stuff that is very scary when all of a sudden something stops them.

Book Talk

Could you imaging having everyone around acting different? Well in this book Evan did when he went to a store that he's never seen before. He moved in with his great aunt Kathryn and he wanted to check things out. He had found a funky looking toy store and bought something that looked strange. It was called monster blood, but he figured it was just some sort of gooey toy. When he purchased it everything changed, but only he notices.