Shiloh Staff is the Best!

Giving a little (January) shi-love to our Shiloh coworkers!

The following teachers have been recognized by their coworkers this month for going above and beyond!

The Specials Teachers

They are very patient and good with each class that enters their room. We are lucky to have each of them at Shiloh.

Judy Olsen

- Judy is always looking for ways to help out and gives her all to Shiloh. She was a huge help in setting up the Holiday Store, and does so much for so many without any recognition at all. Thank you, Judy, for your constant selfless acts of kindness and desire to make our school the best!

- Judy did a great job getting Chat N Chew organized. She had fun ideas and great food!

- Thanks for always being willing to jump in with both feet on anything we need around here. We appreciate your hard work and dedication to Shiloh!

Ginger McPheeters

Ginger is always smiling! She is a generous and giving person who never forgets the office staff at holidays or other random times of the year! She is a sweetheart!

Amy Toro

Amy's sweet spirit and love of teaching are evident every day. She is a jewel!

Connie Ireland

Thanks to Connie for getting us a great deal on the Chat N Chew food. Thanks to Mr. Ireland for picking up and delivering it. It was delicious!

Lori Moon

Thank you for always going above and beyond for our school!

Nicole DelBosque

Every time I visit Ms. DelBosque's classroom I am witness to the enthusiasm she displays for social studies and her desire to share it with our students. Thank you!

Rosie Nunez

Thank you for "holding down" the front desk. You are doing an awesome job!

Venetia Lowe and Adrienne Pope-Wright

Thank you for all the work, time, and effort you put into making sure Shiloh ES is fostering student leadership by having an active Student Council.

Julie Nelson

In addition to everything else you do to support teachers, I want to thank you for assisting with STEM Night!


She made me the most delicious birthday cake! Thank you!

Elana Diaz, Megan Finneran, Dayna James, and Catherine Gallagher

Thank you for going over and beyond for Afterschool Clubs. You ladies rock!!!!

Catherine Crisp

She greets every student with a smile as they come off the bus and always has a positive word or hug for the kids. Such a positive way to start their day!

Mrs. Vizon and Mrs. Goodman

I can't tell you what a blessing it is for these two ladies to work with my students each day. I am so happy that they get to come into my classroom. The biggest bonus is my kids LOVE learning from them! Thank you ladies for all you do!

Adrienne Pope-Wright

Adrienne always goes above and beyond to help others with whatever they may need! I am very thankful to work with her!

Kaitie Finkenhoefer, Nicole DelBosque, and Megan Finneran

I am so inspired by the initiative these ladies took to create a mentor program for our fourth and fifth grade boys. What a positive way to make a difference!

Third Grade Team

For being a positive team that works so well together and does whatever it takes for their students!