Crohn's Disease

Kyler Young

Causes/ Origin

Crohn's Disease was discovered in 1932 by Dr. Burril Crohn, its similar to the ulcerative colitis disease, but not the same.

Body System it Affects

The body system most affected is the Excretory system, mainly the end of the small bowel. It causes the area it affects to become inflamed, or flair up in pain.

Treatments/ Prevention

Some main ways you can treat Crohn's Disease by taking specified medication, maintaining a healthy diet, or getting surgery.

You can also prevent it by eating healthy.


1. How can you prevent Crohn's Disease?

2. How can you treat Crohn's Disease

3. When was Crohn's Disease discovered?

4. Who discovered Crohn's Disease?

5. Which system does Crohn's Disease affect?