Counselor Connection

Celebrate Kindness

This month during guidance lessons we will be discussing the concepts of kindness and generosity. Students will discuss, read, and create poetry as well as play games that will relate to how they can be kind and generous to others. We will also discuss "Random Acts of Kindness" (RAK) and the long-lasting effects.

This study will culminate with Kindness Week, which we will celebrate the week of February 22-26. There will be activities shared with you, as well as a banner for all students and staff to sign. I encourage you to participate with your class - your leadership is invaluable in their eyes.

January's lessons were all about Growth Mindset. Tying this into the New Year and making resolutions, we discussed that even when things are difficult, we can keep working towards our goals. Students worked on making lists of what they do well and what they would like to how they would like to improve. We call this a "Yet" list - the students can't do it YET; however we can change this by working together to change their thinking towards what they can do and what they will be able to do!

What's Mrs. Porras Been Doing?

During December:

- 25 Guidance Lessons

- 2 faculty referrals

- 17 individual sessions

- 114 backpacks distributed through Backpack Buddies

- 57 students served through Christmas in Coweta

- 4 students served through Newnan Kiwanis Christmas

During January:

- 26 Guidance Lessons

- 7 faculty referrals

- 17 individual sessions

- 3 group sessions

- 168 backpacks distributed through Backpack Buddies

- 7 backpacks and supplies distributed through Abby's Closet