PD from GC GT #6

Do you have a gifted child on your hands?

What to look for..

1. Intellectual/academic:

• Performs academically with ease

• Jumps steps

• Extensive and advanced vocabulary

• Manipulates information

• Can see cause-effect relationship and has difficulty accepting the illogical

• Draws inferences and constructs abstractions

• Thinks critically

• Acquires and retains information quickly

• Can become impatient with slowness of others

• Avid readers

2. Creative/artistic:

• Asks questions about abstract ideas, concepts and theories

• Shows intense curiosity about nearly everything

• Is an innovator

• Unique perspective and original ideas

• Understand nuance in music and language

3. Leadership:

• Enjoys organizing things and people into structure and order

• May appear bossy and domineering

• May reject peer input

• Non-conformist

• Independent

• Reliant on self

• Perfectionist and has high expectations

• Evaluates others

• Show intense drive and competitiveness

4. Emotional:

• Experiences heightened, sometimes all-consuming emotions

• Shows concern about fairness and equity more intensely

• Is highly self-critical and sensitive to criticism

• Shows strong feelings, opinions, perspectives

• Is intense

• Is beyond his or her age peers

• Expects others to have similar values

• Need for success and recognition

• May feel alienated

• Displays nervous habits; likely to fidget and twitch

• Can frequently display cynicism

From an article by By Shea Saladee, Aug 15, 2017


Standard 5.0 Arkansas Department of Education

5.02 Opportunities to increase knowledge of the education of gifted and talented students are provided for continuing and new school board members, school and district administrators, teachers, and support staff on a continuing and regular basis.