Technology Class

By: Josie Bender


One of the projects in 6th grade technology is the iTrailer. I got to make an iTrailer using the app iMovie. I made my iTrailer on hockey because that is one of my biggest hobbies. I added a lot of cool action pictures of me playing and I also really like watching everyone's iTrailer. It is a very fun project, it will give you a chance to show the class a little bit about you and you can learn more about your classmates.

Explain Everything

In this project we use the app "Explain Everything". I'm glad we did this project because I never used the app before so this project taught me how to use the app "Explain Everything". I chose a math problem from a list that Mrs. Myers made then I had to explain what I did using the app. I was able to draw my work, import pictures and record my voice to explain what I did to solve the problem.

Haiku Deck

Another project is Haiku Deck. I used this app to create a presentation with a bunch of facts about my dream job. I included things like how will I get there, whats the pay, and explained what my dream job does. I'm really glad I did this project because now I use Haiku Deck for a lot of my presentations.


In coding I used the coding website that told me everything I needed to know about coding. I had a character that I had to get from point A to point B, by using directions such as "turn left", "turn right" and "move forward". I put these directions in a sequence that I thought would get my character to the correct place. Once I thought it was right I pressed run and the character moved with my directions. Some of the levels were very challenging and took a lot of tries. It was a very fun activity because I got to help my friends get past some levels and my friends also helped me.

Career Locker

When I used the website Career Locker I worked with Mrs. Vandenboogaard to find what job is good for me. Using Career Locker I researched facts on what classes I'll have to take and how much I'll get payed. This project helped me a lot because I thought I knew what job I wanted but after looking further into Career Locker I found out it wasn't a job for me, but with the help of Mrs. Vandenboogaard I found a job that suits me better. I found my dream job by taking many quizzes that ask me about what type of learner I am and what are my hobby's. Later all the quizzes were put together to give my a long list of many jobs Career Locker thought were good for me. Some of the jobs I would never want and other jobs I never heard of. Although I didn't agree with all the jobs Career Locker gave I did find many that would suit me well.

Learn To Type

Before every class we used the website Learn to type for five minutes. This helped me with every subject