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What's Happening...?

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What are we learning in Math?

We just wrapped up our unit on Personal Financial Literacy...and STAAR! We will introduce and practice the following skills in the upcoming two weeks:

  • mean, median, mode, range
  • place value relationships
  • using money to understand decimals
  • modeling addition and subtraction of decimals
  • arrays and multiplying 2-digit number by multiples of 10
  • understanding remainders
Your child can (for OPTIONAL extra practice) log on to the following website and practice the topics above:

What are we learning in Language Arts?

We will focus on writing in language arts in the upcoming weeks.

  • Annotating and Analyzing
  • Finding Irrelevant, Extraneous Details
  • Recognizing Genre & Introducing Opinion Writing
  • Recognizing Main Ideas & Details

Please continue to read and discuss books and other reading materials at home! We've seen such growth in our students in reading! Reading aloud is a great way to practice fluency, and it's also a great way to start meaningful discussions about reading. Let us know if you need any ideas on how to practice reading at home! You can also encourage journal writing or even start a dialogue journal for fun!

What are we learning in Social Studies?

We are working on the following topics in Social Studies:

  • Economics
  • Free Enterprise System
  • Entrepreneurs
Vocabulary includes:

  • wage
  • income
  • assembly line
  • scarcity
  • supply
  • demand
  • goods and services
  • wants and needs
  • spending decisions
  • cost and benefit
  • credit, interest, cash, money
  • charitable giving


WE ARE FINISHED! Thanks for making sure your child had rest, a snack, and a water bottle! We did it!

Bronco Best (monthly)

Rosen: Reese J.

Kemendo: Afran B.

Patel: Aubri J.

Ledsome: Adrian T.

Frauman: Dolly A.

Litman: Grant S.

So...What's Coming Up?

  • Thursday, April 28--Spring Picnic...Color Run
  • Wednesday, April 29--FIELD TRIP TO THE PEROT MUSEUM
  • May 4-8--Teacher Appreciation Week :)
  • Friday, May 8--Field Day!! Wear your t-shirts!