Future job


Future jobs

Future job

Name of job: Nuclear engineer

Branch of science: earth science. , because It Involves substanceses found around the world.

Chemistry, physics, technical wrighting, advanced algebra.

Theses classes will help when Dealing with Nuclear substances. Need a bachelors degree in nuclear engineering To get the job you need.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

I would

Starter: $90,140

Medium : $112,200

Experience: $166,420

The power electric generation


A pro With me getting enough money to go on vacation more often a con is That is something goes wrong inside your middle of it all And you're dealing with nuclear substances

A Common GPA needed is a 3.25 to get into the school of Nuclear engineering schools

Okay there is a good number amount of nuclear engineering jobs open in Wisconsin

In this job you will need to use certain sort of clothing to protect yourself if something goes wrong And leaks out that you're dealing with uranium and stuff which can Be deadly