Tech Tips!

February 19, 2016

Weekly Tech Tips

Do you want to take a screen shot of a small portion of your monitor? Just use the Snipping Tool! In Windows, click the windows logo then navigate to accessories and choose Snipping Tool, or type Snip in your windows search box. Click new in the Snipping Tool window then highlight the portion of your screen that you want to capture. You can copy and paste where you want your image, or you can save it outright.

If you're walking away from your computer, you should lock it to keep information secure. To do this from a Windows computer, hold down the windows key and tap the letter "l" as in lock. When you return, you'll need to enter your password, and you can continue working from where you left off. You can also choose "lock" from the power options.

Helpful Link of the Week

Google Sites is the tool students in grades 5-12 are using for digital portfolios. If you visit the site and select, "browse sites," then click on the appropriate tag to the right, you'll be able to see the student portfolios that have been shared with you. If you click on a student's name, you will go to the student's site. You can also click "create" to make you own site if you'd like to try it out yourself!

Need Help? Contact us!

Let us know if you need additional training on any technology-related item. Tammy May can meet with you at a time and place that fit your schedule. She can even work alongside you in the classroom to help you implement technology or to guide your students through any new digital tool.

You can email Chris or Tammy, or you can use the technology PD request form. You can also call Tammy at x8979 and leave a voicemail.

Don't forget that Tammy can come to your classroom for portfolio help!