Period 4 (1800-1848)

Buddy Johnson

Utopian Communities

  • The purpose in many Utopian Communities during the 1800's was to create a peaceful society without outside interruption.

  • The New Harmony experiment in Indiana was started by Robert Owen and eventually failed due to financial problems and disagreements among it's members.

  • The Oneida Community was started by John Humphrey Noyes in New York. This community was later criticized as a community of "free love". This community was able to gain wealth through the production of silverware.

Panic of 1837

  • One major goal of Andrew Jackson was to end the National Bank because he felt that it hurt the common people and was corrupt. Jackson began allocating funds to pet banks across the nation.
  • These banks' reckless credit policies led to speculation in western lands, and eventually these banks failed and thousands lost land.

Political Cartoon - The Times

  • This political cartoon demonstrates how the economy suffered due to Jackson's victory over the National Bank.
  • Jackson's hat is seen with the words glory.
  • This cartoon also responds to Jackson's call for the Specie Circular policy.
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Nullification Crisis

  • Andrew Jackson enacted a Tariff in 1828 which became known as the "Tariff of Abominations" because it was resented by many southern states.
  • South Carolina strongly opposed the tariff and chose to nullify, ignore, the tariff.
  • Jackson responded with stating that if SC didn't comply, force would be used.
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Hudson River School

  • During the Romantic Era, Hudson river school emerged as the first institution that focused on art and painting.
  • The Hudson River School focused on landscape painting, with landscapes from the Hudson River Valley in NY.

Webster - Hayne Debate

  • These debates were unplanned speeches by Daniel Webster of MA and Robert Hayne of SC.
  • The issue debated regarded states' rights vs. national power.
  • Webster was recognized for his speech titled "Second Reply to Hayne"
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Thomas Jefferson & His Democracy: Crash Course US History #10

Themes (1800-1848)

Politics and Power - 2

  • Reform movements such as the abolitionist movement and temperance movement hoped to create a better society for people living in America.

Culture - 2

  • New movements sparked by the Romantic Era emerged. Schools such as the Hudson River school shaped many aspiring artists. A new culture was emerging in America.