Purple Pod News

Mrs. Dowdy and Ms. Fall


Welcome to Purple Pod home of the Champions. We are moving right along in Purple Pod. You may notice students switching homerooms. We are trying some different arrangements to see what is best. We haven't made any permanent changes. We are trying to get the best fit for all students to achieve the best. I have created a Donors Choose Donor Project it is a way for our classes to get donations for books and materials for them to learn. IF you would like to donate or know someone that would please share the website. https://www.donorschoose.org/project/champions-searching-for-historical-and-s/2129842/?rf=link-siteshare-2016-08-teacher-teacher_2009822&challengeid=333715

Calendar of Events

November 1 Kids Run
November 9 Early Dismissal
Money Due for Field Trip November 9th
November 11 Painted Pony Field Trip

Communication Opportunities


Please feel free to call the school at 8508382506 and leave a message, we will return the call at the end of the day.

Math News and Science News

We are starting our unit on Addition. Please review the papers at home in your students folders or backpacks.

Science -- We will be working on Motion in Science.

English Language Arts and Reading

Letters Mm, Ss, Aa, and Tt Recognizing Rhyming words, Counting, pronouncing and blending syllables, distinguishing between letters and Numbers, sorting objects by color, size and shape.

Sight Words -- We are testing sight words every other week. Make flash cards then play games with the cards, put them down and say a word, let the student swat the correct word... be creative... there are also games on the Ipads and Android tablets and phones that help. We are now working on List 1 and List 2.

Social Studies

We are going to be learning about where we live. What a city, state and country are.

American Flag

We will be focusing on a State, a president and a color a week.