New York City

By Alyssa


Do you want to be surrounded by women if so go to New York City.There are more girls than boys in the city. There are approximately 52 percent of females in New York City I think that's a lot of girls. If you think that that was interesting wait till you read about my interesting facts paragraph, culture paragraph, and why I want to go there paragraph.

Why I want to visit New York City

Here are some reasons why I would like to go to New York City. First, I would like to go there because I could see the September 11th memorial because I read the I Survived book about it and it seems very interesting. And I would also like to see it because my older sister was born three days before 9/11 happened . Another reason, I want to go to New York City is because I could ride a subway train cause I’ve never been on one and I think it would be really fun . The next reason is because I would like to go to the American Girl Doll Store and look at everything and maybe buy a bed or a set of clothes . Those are some reasons why I would go to New York City


These are some facts that I found about New York City’s culture. First, I learned that the climate is mostly warm (spring 56 to 37, summer 76 to 60, fall 60 to 43, and winter 35 to 21).Next, the current population is 19,651,127 that is a lot of people in a city. Last, I found that baseball started in New York and the first game was played on June 19th 1845 I wonder if they beat the team they were playing. Those are some cool things that I found about New York City's culture.

interesting facts

New York City is a very interesting place to go. In New York City it costs over 289,000 dollars for a one year Hot dog cart permit in Central Park in my opinion that costs as much as a plane ticket . It takes 75,000 trees to make one copy of New York Times magazine. The last interesting fact that I found was that In New York City a birth happens every 4.4 minutes. Those were some interesting fact that I found about New York City.


After all this research New York City is an amazing place to visit. I could go see the September 11th memorial, learn about the first baseball game ever played, and probably see a lot of babies. If I actually get there I hope to learn more and, finally check it off my bucket list.