Plate Project

Continental Drift, Seafloor Spreading, Plate Tectonics

Seafloor Spreading Summary

I believe that this theory is true because there is evidence that proves this theory, such as young and old rocks. The younger rocks that have been found are located closer to the mid-ocean ridge and the older rocks get pushed outwards to the continents. This happens because magma pushes upward and after it breaks through and then cools/hardens this forces the older rocks to the continents and then the new rocks are made of the magma that has cooled. Also magnetic pole reversals occur and show evidence of seafloor spreading.

Continental Drift Summary

I believe in this theory because of all the evidence given such as freshwater animal fossils found on different continents that are seperated by large bodies of salt water, another piece of evidence is that there have been glacial deposits found on continents with a warm weathered climate and this would not be possible unless the continents had drifted, therefore changing the climate. There has been a plant fossil found on almost all the different continents and without continental drift the plant would not be able to survive in all of the different climates.

Plate Tectonics Summary

I believe that this theory is possible but only if it had enough heat. The models we were shown were small scale and even though they showed that heat can move things, I think that the plates are too large to be moved by heat unless it was really hot. The way the plate tectonics would move is by convection currents. Convection currents are when heat rises up and then cools and repeats this process, this causes the plates to move but it would have to have a lot of heat for it to be able to move the plates.