What to Expect When Youre Expecting



On this site you can find out a lot about the size and development if your little one and how they compare to everyday objects. Also you can see a few symptoms you may be having month to month.

Month 1

Size (weight and length) 1mm

About the size of a poppy seed

Development - Placenta is developed, primitive face takes place, Blood cells take place

Motherly Symptoms - Nausea and swollen or tender breasts


Month 2

Size - 1 in and 1/3 oz or 9.45g

About the size of a pomegranate seed

Development - Arms and legs begin to form as small bumps, Nervous system is beginning to form, Digestive system begins to develop.

Motherly Symptoms - Fatigue, mood swings

Month 3

Size - 3-4 in and 1oz or 28g

About the size of a passion fruit
Development - Baby can open and close fits and mouth, Fingers and toe nails begin to form and external ears begin to form.

Motherly Symptoms - May feel faint, backache.

Month 4

Size - 4.6 in 3.5 oz

About the size of an avocado

Development - may be able to hear heartbeat, bones are becoming denser, and the finger and toes are well defined

Motherly Symptoms - May feel baby move, faster hair and nail growth

Month 5

Size - 6.5 in 10.2 oz

About the size of a banana.

Development - Hair is forming on the top of baby's head, baby is covered in a cheesy substance, and may begin to feel baby move

Motherly Symptoms - Leg cramps, Heart burn or indigestion

Month 6

Size - 10.5-11. in 12-20oz

About the size of a cantaloupe.

Development - Veins are visible, finger and toe prints are visible, eyes can now open,

Motherly Symptoms - Swollen ankles and stretch marks


Month 7

Size - 1.5- 2lbs 13-14 in

About the size of egg plant.

Development - Baby begins developing fat, hearing is fully developed, baby changes positions.

Motherly Symptoms - Troubles sleeping, Braxton Hicks ( contractions that you may confuse with labor contractions)

Month 8

Size -2.5 3.8 lbs 15-16 in

About the size of squash

Development - Your baby will start kicking more, the brain is rapidly developing, lungs may still be a little immature

Motherly Symptoms - Shortness or breath, darker nipples

Month 9

Size - 19-20 in 6-9lbs

About the size of winter melon.

Development - Baby's reflexes are coordinated, baby can respond to light and touch, baby has turned upside down ready for labor.

Motherly Symptoms - Contractions at the end and diarrhea