Events That Led to The Civil War

fredrick douglass interview questions

fredrick douglass interview questions

Fredrick Douglass is a abolitionist who was born a slave and taken from his mom and grandmother.

Grace-What are your hobbies?

Fredrick- reading and writing.

G-did you ever teach anyone else to read?

F-over 40 people.

G-did you meet anyone during your escape?

F-not that I know of

G-what was your plan to escaping?

F- disguising myself as a sailor and stealing a boat.

G-how did you feel when you escaped?

F- I felt nervous

G-are you proud you learned how to read if you are than why?

F-yes because it helped me read the bible and become christian.

G-what were your thoughts when you escaped?

F-I was scared I would get caught.

G-what is something that you feel helped others that you helped with?

F-helping black men earn the freedom to vote.

G-are you proud of your escape and why?

F-yes because without it I wouldn't be able to help others and wouldn't be able to and they wouldn't be able to know what my life is like.

Dear Michelle

Feb. 4, 1860 Dear Michele,
it has been a hard time ,working in the ice room and doing the laundry.

I've mostly been working in the kitchen and out in the fields.

Although the fields make it really hard to work because it's about 96n-102 degrees

and it has been a hard time.

However I enjoy the kitchen the most because, I can smell

the food cooking on the fire

cooking ovens and I can almost taste the rice and beans too.

On the other hand in the laundry room can smell

the strong scent of soap.

Which I enjoy.

In addition I can see the clothing as I wash it by hand.

sincerely ,your cousin


Fredrick Douglass Biography

Fredrick Douglass is a professional abolitionist who loved to read and write.
He worked as a slave. His job was to work in the fields as well as picking cotton. He was also a opponent against slavery.
His early life is very sad.
For example, he got taken away from his mother after birth.
Years later when Fredrick was about six all he had left was his grandmother
until he got taken away from her as well so then he was all alone.
His later life is he got married and they had two kids together.
His education was to write a book about his life as a slave. His accomplishments and also why he is famous is because
he helped black men earn the freedom to vote and gave nice speeches about giving freedom to slaves and that slaves should be illegal.
He also was the first black man to go into the white house.
He is also famous because, he was friends with the president Abraham Lincoln.
Some fun facts about Fredrick Douglass and his later life is after the civil war ended he still wrote newspapers and he was still against slavery for the rest of his life and he did die in1895 at the age of 77.
In conclusion, Fredrick Douglass was a very important and brave man and he was a very important person to this world.
While he was a slave he escaped by disguising himself as a sailor and stealing a boat.
Although before escaped he was taught to read by his owners wife secretly and then he taught others to read but, the sad part is that he stopped learning to read
because he got caught with the owners wife and it was stopped right away.

My Journey as a slave

I was just a little girl when I escaped the plantation.
The first place I went was the road
also because it was the first place I found.
When I got to the road I stayed there because,
it was getting to be a long journey.
Once I left I went straight to the boarder of the north but,
at the second I arrived I got caught by the authority and I got sent straight back to were I started, which is the plantation.
When I got to the plantation I had to stay because, I
was so busy picking cotton in the sun.
The next day I was also so busy picking cotton under the sun again.
Later in the day I was still picking cotton and it continued for the rest of the
day or maybe more.
In conclusion it was a hard day and journey and I was stressed out.

Fredricskburg battle

Fredricksburg is a battle that led to many deaths.

For example, there were 106,000 union deaths and

72,000 confederate deaths.An event that

happened befor the war is began is that generral Burnside

put together a plan to attack but that didn't work.

The battle lasted from Dec. 13-15 in 1862 and it was located

in Fredricksburg, Vergina.

The cause of the battle is that McClellan didn't obey orders from president Lincoln

therefor he wasted 24 days in correspondence.

The effect to that is that it led to more battles.some more events that happened is that

people were dying and suffering during the battle.

Also cannons and rifles were firing back and forth at each other which caused even more damage.

In conclusion, this battle led to the confederates victory.