Husky Happenings

September 6, 2016

Kids Deserve It! - Don't Live on an Island (Chapter 2)

The more I read, the more I find connections across the professional materials I read. Just this weekend while perusing Twitter, I clicked on an article by George Couros, Author of Innovator's Mindset. (You may remember that I read a segment from the book during our first week back-seems like a hundred years ago, right?!) In the article, "3 Obvious Ways Twitter Promotes Literacy", Couros talks about his own personal journey "tweeting" and how it truly has catapulted his own work. I was nodding my head in agreement the entire time I was reading, and thinking about how it connects to the second chapter of DKI! - "Don't Live on an Island". KDI! quotes A. Maiers, "When you are not sharing your brilliant ideas, you are doing a disservice to others." What do you think? We cannot hold our best ideas, powerpoints, challenges, problems, lessons, plans, etc. for "our" kids in "our" class. All of the Huskie kiddos are ALL of OUR kiddos.

Share your ideas. Leave a legacy. Don't be an island. You can't be a loner. Find your people. Join the tribe. GET CONNECTED! Yes, I'm applying what's called Edupressure! Our Huebner staff possesses so much goodness. Let's turn it into greatness. Knowledge resides next door, and all over our building. If you don't know...ask! If you don't understand what kids are talking about...ask...or Google. "We live in a world where we can no longer claim ignorance - only an unwillingness to learn". (KDI! p.24) Why do we reach out to others? Why do we seek greatness? Because #KIDSDESERVEIT



  • Lenny's Subs for Everyone on Wednesday. Pick up your brown bag in the counselor's conference room. You may have lunch in the main conference room if you wish. Tea and water provided.
  • Grandparent's Day is coming! A-L on Thurs/M-Z on Fri.
  • Begin reviewing data, talking with your grade level, and thinking about how we can best use our SCE-ED money (in school tutoring) this year. More to come soon!
  • Keep working on CRMS! You must verify by Sept. 16.
  • Please give us your feedback on the monthly birthday celebration!
  • Please remain on afternoon duty until all students have left campus.
  • IStation must be completed by Sept. 16.
  • Make a comment today/Tuesday at the bottom of the newsletter about something new you learned or add a reaction to something in the newsletter for a chance at a special treat!
  • AMC Training for 1st and 2nd: Sat., Sept. 17 or Sept. 22. Make sure a representative from your grade level registers and attends.
  • Flu Shots and Health Screening on Sept. 30. Sign up

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 6

  • PTA Officer Meeting 9:00-10:00
  • PTA President and Principal Meeting @10:15-11:15
  • Google training for staff 3:00-3:30

Wednesday, September 7

  • Faculty Meeting @ 3:00 in the Library

Thursday, September 8

  • Makerspace Visit from Lamar ES 8:15-9:15
  • Dr. Maika visits with Pierce 8:00-10:00
  • Grandparents Lunch (A-L) in the cafeteria
  • SpEd Team Meeting at 3:00 in the conference room

Friday, September 9 - Wear your spirit shirt

  • Happy birthday, Cristin Hardwick!
  • Stewart at IIT meeting (all day)
  • Grandparents Lunch (M-Z) in the cafeteria

Monday, September 12

  • Teacher Reimbursement begins today.
  • GLC Meeting at 7:00 in the conference room
  • Leadership Team Meeting at 8:00 in the conference room
  • Natalie at Librarian Training @ 2p-5p
  • NEISD Board Meeting

Tuesday, September 13

  • PTA Council 9:30-11:30 (Carol)
  • Sarah at Council of Counselors (8:30-11:30)
  • Jenny Stewart off campus

Wednesday, September 14 - College T-shirt day

  • NE AFT on campus in the lounge from 7:00-7:30 a.m.
  • Jenny Stewart off campus
  • Faculty Meeting/Committees @ 3:00 in the Library

Thursday, September 15

  • Happy birthday, Harriet Tomes!
  • Carol at Principal Meeting (all day)
  • Jenny Stewart off campus
  • SpEd Team Meeting at 3:00 in the conference room
  • Kinder Parent Orientation @ 6:00-7:00 in kinder classrooms

Friday, September 16 - Wear your spirit shirt

  • 3 week progress reports for any student failing any subject
  • IStation completion date
  • CRMS verification due
  • Cluster Counselor Meeting in conference room @ 7:30-8:30
  • Sarah T. at training all day

Saturday, September 17

  • Happy birthday, Andrea Martin!
  • Super Saturday

Monday, September 19-Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  • GLC Meeting at 7:00 in the conference room
  • Leadership Team Meeting at 8:00 in the conference room
Tuesday, September 20
  • Happy Birthday, Sara Lewis!
  • Fall Individual Picture Day
Wednesday, September 21-College T-shirt day
  • Faculty Meeting/PLCs/Data Review @ 3:00 in the library
  • WatchD.O.G.S. Pizza Night in the cafeteria @ 6p-7p
Thursday, September 22
  • SpEd Team Meeting in the conference room @ 3:00
Friday, September 23 - School Spirit T-Shirt Day
  • Daryn at T-PESS training @ 8-11a

Saturday, September 24

  • Happy Birthday, Dorothy Mauricio!

Monday, September 26

  • Happy Birthday, Stephanie Droddy!
  • GLC Meeting at 7:00 in the conference room
  • Leadership Team Meeting at 8:00 in the conference room

Tuesday, September 27

  • Happy Birthday, Susan Anderson!
  • 2nd grade math training (1/2 day)
  • Admin. Professional Development (a.m. Pierce/p.m. Polanco)

Wednesday, September 28

  • Pierce at Cluster Meeting at CHS @ 8:30-10:30
  • Polanco at Trinity cohort (all day)
  • Beverage at training @ 9-11a
  • Faculty Meeting/T-TESS Goal Setting @ 3:00 in the library

Thursday, September 29

  • SpEd meeting in conference room @ 3:00

Friday, September 30-Wear your spirit shirt

  • Happy Birthday, Lauren Brunner!
  • Flu Shots and Health Screening 7:00-8:30