Fahrenheit 451 Timeline

By: Salma Puga

January 1, 2153

Guy Montag meets his neighbor Clarisse on his walk home from work.

They walk together to her house and talk about how he is a fireman.

She asks him if he ever reads the books he burns.

She then asks him if he's happy,

which made him think.

January 2, 2153

Montag comes home and finds his wife, Mildred, lifeless in bed and a bottle of sleeping pills on the floor, empty. He calls the ambulance and they come and pump her stomach out and replace her blood.

January 5, 2153

Montag doesn't walk with Clarisse for a while.

He asks his wife if she has seen her lately,

and she tells him that she had died a few days ago.

January 6, 2153

After Clarisse dies,

Montag gets curious about books.

He tries to plan out a way to get one to take home.

January 7, 2153

When the firemen go to a house that needs burning,

Montag grabs a book and takes it home.

He later shows it to his wife.

January 8, 2153

Montag won't return the books he has,

so his wife pulls the alarm.

The firemen go to his house to burn it.

After Mildred pulls the alarm,

Montag and the other firemen get to his house.

He wont give them the books.

Montag kills Beatty with a flame thrower.

When the firemen come to Montags house and try to get the books,he kills Beatty,

then he runs away.

He escapes through the back alleys.

Once Montag gets away from the firemen

the government goes after him.

Instead of searching for Montag in the river

the government catches an innocent man

walking outside so the show has a snap ending.

January 9, 2153

Montag gets away from the government.

He becomes a hobo,

him and the other hobos start collecting books.