Kylie's Open House!

Kylie Hicks, period 3

Paragraph one- Earthquake PBL Project

This project was to make a model of a house for Tony Stark that could withstand an earthquake.

Some things that were in my design were:

-popsicle sticks for walls

-straws for the roof

-String to tie roof together

-Windmill made of toothpicks

From thsi project, I learned that to builld a house that will withstand an earthquake, you need to keep a lot of things in mind like braces for support or bolting things to the walls of houses.

Paragraph two- 30 hands project

Here are some things that I learned from doing the project:

  • What gases contribute to the greenhouse effect
  • Volcanic eruptions and other natural things contribute to the greenhouse effect, not just things like gas from cars.

What I liked about the project was that you could be creative and add cool pictures and fonts to your project.

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Paragraph three- invention convention

For the invention convention, im working with Viviana and Sofia to make the wind power plant. It works too reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Our innovation is a way for people to get energy without using too many foslil fuels.

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Paragraph four- extra credit

My favorite unit we covered in science was the atmosphere unit. I liked it because you got to learn about space and earth and what is outside of earth.

Some things I learned are:

- There are several layers of the atmosphere

- The greenhouse effect is what keeps earth warm

My favorite labs were:

- Hot and Cold Movements

- Air Takes up Space

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