Vehicle Insurance Scams

How to stay clear of vehicle insurance warranty scams

The industry of extended car warranty has earned a bad reputation due to scamsters. When you are buying vehicle warranty insurance, this fact has to be kept in mind and you have to be cautious in your approach. There are numerous service providers that flood the internet. The genuine legitimate service providers have to be picked out by applying your mind well and taking a methodical approach in selection. Maintaining a cool head and not being carried away are essential for keeping scamsters at bay. How you can stay away from scamsters has been discussed in this article.

Know about the company

Brokers have infiltrated into the extended warranty market and pose as service providers. They lure customers with attractive offers and sweet words to persuade them to sign on the dotted line and then direct them to some other companies for providing service. They seldom disclose their status as brokers and will misguide you. Make sure to investigate the company that you choose to unearth their real status. Check how long they have been in business, how they provide service and whether they really exist and have an office. Check for customer reviews and if possible talk to customers to verify that they are genuine. Consider them only after you are satisfied about their credentials.

Do a physical check

Since service is all important for auto warranty insurance insist on dealing with companies that directly provide service. Visit their office and check the service facility to gauge whether they service your brand of vehicle. Although they may claim that from Toyota to Hyundai and BMW they do it all, make sure that your brand is included in the list. Physical verification of the company and sharing of customer feedback are effective ways of ascertaining genuineness.

Get it in writing

All offers that you get should be in writing. Insist on mailing the offers to you so that you can share it with others if need be. This would also ensure that everything is in black and white that scamsters do not usually prefer. Get the draft contract and study it well before you pay. Avoid companies that insist on sending the contract only after receiving payment. Read the fine print to ascertain the real coverage and unearth hidden costs. Leave nothing to chance and get every point clarified so that you are not surprised at a later stage.

Avoid unsolicited sales calls

If you receive sales calls especially the recorded messages, be careful not to entertain it. Do not be carried away by sweet talks. Even if you engage in talking over phone to a prospective warranty seller, beware about fast talking salesmen that tend to drive you to high pressure situations by confusing you. Keep away from offers that stipulate immediate confirmation for acceptance no matter how attractive it is. Too much of eagerness of the sales person can cause harm to you.

Even after identifying a genuine company, work towards striking a deal that protects your interest in the way you want.