Dan Ho


Want to start over and have a fresh start? Owe a debt? Looking for some adventure? Than you should come to Texas!

Our Land Policy

Come one come all, welcome to the amazing land of Texas! If you are a farmer you receive one labor or 177 acres. If you raise cattle then you get yourself a sitio or 4428 acres! its amazing, and you can receive both!


Our land is dirt cheap! it only cost 12.5 cents per acre! And you can pay it over the span of several years.

Description of the land

The land is very lush in flat grasslands and contains plentiful mines. as well it has fresh lakes and rivers accompanied by great forests.

Requirements of citizens

simple requirements are:

  1. You are of good character
  2. Is Catholic or agrees to be
  3. Provide for yourselves
  4. Pledge your loyalty to Spain