Middle east country


country basics

The name of my country is Lebanon

the capital of my country is beriut

the meaning behind mt flag is the red bands symbolize blood shed in the aim of liberation.The white band symbolizes peace. As for the green cedar, it symbolizes immortality. the Lebanese flag was raised in Bashamoun on the 21st of November 1943 at 11:20 pm.


the continent is is on is Asia. the countries that surround it is Israel,and Syria.

the major land forms are the Mediterranean sea, and the Lebanon mountains.

the major land marks are jeita grotto, national museum, kadisha valley.

the major bodies of water are Mediterranean sea, bekaa river, and litani and orontes rivers come together.

it effects on how they live because if its not a very good environment for them they will not live.


the type of government is parliamentary republic.

the leader is tamman salaam he is the prime minister.

the leader was chosen ... by trying to stop the wars.

the rights and rules are if they do not follow those rules they go to jail.


it is a rich nation because they help stop the wars.

the money they use is Lebanese pound.

the main imports and exports are oil, machinery, Tabasco, minerals, and fruit.

the (le) of lebanon is 79.85 years, the birthrate is 13, the literacy rate is 93.9% and the drinking water source is spring and ground water.


the clothing they wear is scarfs on there heads and pants and shirts that are bright colors.

the major languages spoken is arabic.

the major religon there is muslum.

there main food there is a rice bowl which contains rice.


the weather conditions are 51.15

the yearly rainfall is 43.34 inches

the yearly tempetures are 61.3

the effects on the country is it may rain more than what its supossed too are get too hot ar too cold.


After World War I, France was given a League of Nations mandate over Lebanon and its neighbor Syria, which together had previously been a single political unit in the Ottoman Empire. France divided them in 1920 into separate colonial administrations, drawing a border that separated mostly Muslim Syria from the kaleidoscope of religious communities in Lebanon, where Maronite Christians were then dominant. After 20 years of the French mandate regime, Lebanon's independence was proclaimed on Nov. 26, 1941, but full independence came in stages.

compare and contrast

Lebanon has a different language which is Arabic and the u.s has English or other kinds. they have a different government which is paramilitary republic and they u.s just has a republic.