Getting Started in your GaVS Class

Summer 2017

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I am SO glad you are in our class this semester! Please remember I'm here if you need anything at all!

Attention Parents!!

Please be sure your parent fills out this survey ASAP! Thank you!!

First up: Student Orientation Course!

Welcome! The student’s first task is to complete the Student Orientation Course. It is important to complete topics in order and complete all items on the checklist. Students must make 100% on the final Student Orientation Quiz in order to complete the course.

Students must successfully finish the SOC before gaining access to the course. Following the completion of the SOC, the date on which students will gain access to the course is dependent upon which schedule was selected at the time of registration.

Schedule groups and start dates

6 week: June 5, 2017

5 week: June 12, 2017

Save + follow your course schedule!

You can find your course schedule in the Course Information Widget. Be sure to save the 6 week or 5 week - whichever corresponds to your schedule! The calendar of assignments is found on the last few pages of the document, so be sure to read it all!

Don't forget about the late policy!

Regardless of the start date, the course ends July 14, 2017.

Student work is due daily at midnight - check course schedules for specific due dates.

Work turned in after the deadline on the course schedule will be accepted within 2 school days with a late penalty assessed.

Late penalty is deducted at a rate of 25% of the assignment value per school day.

Work due on Friday that is submitted on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday is considered 1 day late.

Important Parent Info

The Parent Account gives you information about your child’s grades and progress in their course. Each week you will receive an automated email with your child’s grade range in each of his/her classes. If your child’s grade drops below a 70, you will receive a phone call from me.

In order to view your child’s progress, you will need to have a parent account within our Student Information System and your account must be linked to your child’s GAVS account. If you already have a parent account please do NOT create a new one. If you have never created a parent account or you have not linked to your student’s account, follow the steps listed below.

Parent Account Information

Parent helpdesk articles

Parents should read the knowledgebase articles in the order listed below. The steps must be completed in this order.

During the parent account creation process, you will be required to visit to begin the account creation process.


1. Parent account creation

2. Link child to parent account (Student's GTID is needed during this step.)

3. Using my parent auditor account

4. View Student's Weekly Progress

Attend Mrs. V's Welcome Session + Live Adobe Sessions!

Mrs. V will host a welcome session on the Wednesday after each start date at 8 p.m., and sessions every Wednesday and Thursday at 8 p.m.

Please e-mail me in advance if you're having trouble with any specific topics so that I can prepare some examples just for you!

The classroom links can be found in the Course Information widget.

Recordings will be posted in the User Links after each session in case you miss one.

GaVS Brightspace Help Sessions

Georgia Virtual School will have Brightspace Help Sessions for students and parents on Adobe Connect on the following dates:

Tuesday, June 6 @ 7pm

Sunday, June 11 @ 3pm

Tuesday, June 13 @ 11am

NOTE: Students and parents may attend any of the above scheduled sessions

You will join by entering the meeting as a Guest. Your username is your first and last name. Here is the link to join each Brightspace Help Session: Adobe Brightspace Help Classroom

The schoolwide Brightspace Help meetings are separate from individual Welcome sessions held by each teacher.

To do DAILY:

  • Check your course schedule & complete work accordingly - do so DAILY!
  • Check for zeros- complete any missing work that can still be submitted- DAILY!
  • Check your GaVS email DAILY!! :)

More questions?

Check out the student handbook for a TON of helpful information!

Contact Mrs. Veihman via email or phone when you need help!