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Week of September 19, 2016

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Message from Mrs. Hill


The first day of fall comes this week, but it looks like we may have to wait a while longer for the temperatures to catch up!

This month we have a focus on the first principle of the Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey. It is... YOU'RE THE DRIVER! You will see more information on this further down in our newsletter. Make sure you check out the video we are showing our kids during the school day this week! Talk to your child about what this principle means and why it is so important. If you are interested in reading the adult version of The Energy Bus, by Jon Gordon, please see us to check out a copy from our family resource center.

If you have concerns about your child being posted on our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page, or in our yearbook, please visit our office and request a form to complete that will dismiss your child from being photographed. Our social media sharing policy can be found in the Cabot Schools Handbook.

We want our kids to stay hydrated and focused throughout the school day, so all classrooms allow children to bring a water bottle and a healthy snack to school every day. Our staff are encouraged to do the same! We all need to keep up our strength in order to be our best. We incorporated more recess time into our day this year, so kids will need lots of water after physical activity. Thank you for your help with this!

Have a wonderful week!

Your Lead Learner,

Mrs. Hill

The Energy Bus Principle #1: YOU'RE THE DRIVER!

Below you will see the PTA: Pause, Think, and Act. This is the language we are using to help support kids in their ability to lead in our school.
EB Schools Principle 1: You're the Driver
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Our kids have been learning all about Central P.R.I.D.E., which is how we are teaching expectations throughout our school! P.R.I.D.E. stands for...

P = Protect the property

R = Respect

I = I take care of myself

D = Demonstrate self-control

E = Everybody’s quiet

We are learning about how P.R.I.D.E looks throughout our building...classroom, cafe, hallway, bathroom, playground, bus, and car rider dismissal. We want all of our kids to have PRIDE in their school.


Each Friday through football season we will show our Panther Pride by wearing Panther attire and/or the colors red, black, and white. Mrs. Hill may sneak in some Razorback attire on a few Fridays! :)

This Friday we will be selling panther paw tattoos and helping kids put them on before they go to class! We will have two choices: black, and red with glitter. We will post pictures of both on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds this week so you can view them prior to purchase! The cost of each tattoo will be 50 cents. They are great to wear to Panther games!

We Love to Celebrate our Kids on Social Media!

If you have concerns about your child being posted on our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page, or in our yearbook, please visit our office and request a form to complete that will dismiss your child from being photographed. Our social media sharing policy can be found in the Cabot Schools Handbook.

We use our social media feeds to tell our school's story. It is important for us that our community feel a part of Central, and to know what kids are learning each day. It is like leaving our digital footprints for all to follow and watch us grow! Mrs. Hill is the Chief Storyteller, and takes pride in celebrating staff and kids. Follow along with us!

Everyone is Welcome to Coffee with the Lead Learner September 22!

We will take this time to fellowship, allow families to meet and network with each other, discuss needs for future CIA meetings, and help you learn more about how you can contribute!
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Meal Payments in our Cafe

The Federal reporting requirements do not allow the Child Nutrition Program to extend credit to children or their parents. Parents should pay for meals as they are provided. Parents or students may pay weekly or monthly in advance for meals. The district will provide an alternate meal daily to K-6 students who have a negative balance of $10. Students in grades 7-12 who have a negative balance of $10 will be responsible for their own meals. Parents must be accountable for taking care of their children’s nutrition even while at school.

Parents may use the online program, “EZSchoolPay.com” to pay for meals with a debit or credit card. This program, along with lunch menus and meal prices, can be found on the district website under the “Parents” tab.


A link to our menu is provided at the bottom of our newsletter.

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EZ Pay Online Meal Payment

PLEASE make sure your child's meal account keeps a credit. You can sign up for reminders on EZ Pay that will alert you when your balance is low. If you send money for meals with your child, place in an envelope/baggie labeled with your child's name.

Kids Can Code!

Our kids are all learning about coding this year! Mrs. Reed is exposing our kids to basic coding skills during visits to the library. Computer Science is an area in which all of our kids need knowledge and skill development in order to be more successful in future jobs. We want to give our kids a jumpstart at learning some of these skills. Digital literacy is becoming just as important as reading and writing, and we want our kids to be prepared for jobs that don't even exist today!
Check out this video of Mrs. Reed working with some of our second graders!
DEBUG! Persistence in Learning Basic Coding

Growth Mindset VS Fixed Mindset

We continually work with our kids on having a growth mindset in order to help them press on through challenges, and to keep a positive attitude. We have plans to share this in an upcoming CIA meeting, and will help you with ideas and resources to support a growth mindset within your home!
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Is it Rude, Is it Mean, or is it Bullying?

A must read article for all families! Please take a moment and click on the link below to learn more about what bullying truly is. Many times children and adults have misconceptions about this term, because it is used so often in our society. There are many social situations in which kids will be on the receiving end of rude or mean comments made by other kids. Is this right? No way! But...it doesn't mean the comments constitute a bullying situation. Check out the article!

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We Encourage You to Send a Water Bottle and a Healthy Snack to School Each Day!

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Central Night at Marco's Pizza Coming Soon!

Make plans for a family pizza night on Thursday, October 20! Just mention Central when ordering and they will give us a portion of the profits! We are so thankful for our partnership with this community business. We received a nice check recently from Brent, the owner. This will go toward supporting our kids and classrooms. Information below!
Kids, staff, families, and community members can contribute to our school blog! We already have a few posts in the works, so watch social media and this weekly newsletter for new blog postings!
Central Elementary Family Blog

Our school blog is for kids, teachers, staff, families, and community members who would like to contribute. We want to model blogging for our kids while promoting digital citizenship for them.


Each Monday we celebrate happenings in our school via social media. Check out our Twitter feed and Facebook page, and Mrs. Hill's Instagram each Monday to celebrate with us! The hashtag #CelebrateMonday tracks all the schools in our country who participate in this wonderful event. So many great things happen throughout our day, and we want you to feel a part. It is a great way to start a week!


Shoparoo Update

We earned $561 for our school through Shoparoo during the 2016 school year! We should receive our check in mid October. Thank you for supporting Central through this easy app! It is a great way to earn money without having to spend any.

As of Sunday afternoon we have accumulated over 17,000 Roo Points for the new school year! We now have 168 supporters. Every little amount helps, so between Shoparoo, Box Tops, Marcos Pizza, and any other initiative we take on, we can earn cash rewards for our school and avoid fundraising as much as possible.

Now, let's focus on beating $560 for our 2017 school year!

You can join Shoparoo with the following code: lang5526

Tell your friends and family to join in as a supporter and start scanning!

What Will Shoparoo Funds Help Purchase?

We need more Chromebooks and technology for our students. The goal is to have a 1:1 setting in third and fourth grades! This means there is a Chromebook (laptop device) for each student's use throughout a school day. We have several devices currently and want to add more. We would also like to add to our second grade classrooms in the future, and have 1:1 devices for our kindergarten and first grade kids. We would also love to add more devices to support kids' efforts with coding! Our district has plans to provide several devices for students in the fall, but having a source of funds will help us if we need to purchase additional devices.

Shoparoo funds can also support learning materials such as math manipulatives, books, and playground equipment.

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Box Tops for Education

Our school collects Box Tops for Education, so please be saving these at home! We are hoping to purchase a brand new flag pole for our campus. The funds we raise with Box Tops will help us achieve our goal.

Below are links to some collection pages for Box Tops. You are free to print these, or you may ask your child to pick up a sheet at school! We will have them available for you.



We will offer bookstore coupons to kids who return filled Box Tops sheets! These coupons will give them discounts on items in our bookstore. We will be purchasing more items for our store and will soon share those with you! Our Central bookstore is open each Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Central Elementary Website

Check out our newly improved website! It includes easier buttons for accesss, along with our school's Twitter Feed.

CIA: Community in Action

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Our Family and Community Involvement Group!

Formally known as the PTO...

We would love for you to join our NEW group, the CIA! We are inviting families, extended families, neighbors to our school, community members, and business groups to join our staff in working together for our kids. This is a group open to ALL people who want to be involved! There are many ways to contribute to our school that will support kids and teachers. We want to get you plugged in and involved with us. For more information, please contact Mrs. Hill bethany.hill@cps.k12.ar.us or Mrs. Reed leeann.reed@cps.k12.ar.us. You may also call our office at 501.743.3564 to speak with us!

There is no membership required because everyone is already a member, simply because you are either a parent, family member, guardian, business owner, or community member.

We will have CIA tshirts for sale very soon, and will let you know the cost! Our CIA is also designing a Central shirt for families to purchase, and we will be rolling out the design later in the fall.

Important Dates


20: School Board Meeting at Central Administrative Office

22: CIA Meeting: Coffee with the Lead Learners! 9:00-10:15 a.m.

23: Panther Pride Friday: HOME GAME! (We will be selling panther paw tattoos for 50 cents!)

27: Fall Pictures


7: Inspiration Run (they will visit Central sometime that morning!)

7: GRANDS Day for PREK, 10:20

10-14: SPIRIT WEEK for CHS Homecoming (Themes for each day TBA)

10-14: Book Fair in the Media Center

13: GRANDS Day, grades K-4, Last names A-L

14: GRANDS Day, grades K-4, Last names M-Z

14: Homecoming Day in Cabot, Early Dismissal at 2:00

14: Homecoming Parade on Pine Street, 3:30

18: Family Conferences, Early Dismissal 2:00

20: Family Conferences, Early Dismissal 2:00

Family Conference Times: 2:45-7:00

20: Central Night at Marco's Pizza!


Upcoming Events (Dates coming soon!)

Family Game Night/25th Anniversary of Central Elementary/Fall Fest--TBA

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experiencing with us!

Our school's hash tag is #CEunited, so you can look for this on all social media!

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Central Elementary Family Blog

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