My great grandmother

Raj Kumari

My Great Grandmother

The person I'm researching is my great grandmother from my mother's side. Her name was Raj Kumari. She was born in the year 1920 and died 1996. She was born in Pakistan but an event happened in Pakistan that made her fled to New Delhi in India. She was raised in and lived in Delhi most of her life.

Marriage & Childrem

She got married to Krishn Lal (my great grandfather) in 1940. She had 3 children, Suraj Kataria was her first child, born in 1942, Chand Prakash Kataria, her middle child and my grandpa, born in 1944, and her littlest chid, Subash Kataria, born in 1947.

Job & Passions

She couldn't get a job because she was to busy with her 3 children. She did have a hobby in drawing and painting things around her and making them into something she wouldn't see though, she was very creative.
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Historical Events

Two important historical events that happened in her life were Gandhi's Salt March and Pluto was discovered.
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