The Kras Chronicles

Week of April 27th-May 1st

Classroom Happenings

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our students had a great time on their Book Buddy Field Trip seeing Disney's Monkey Kingdom! There were moments of happiness, sadness, and suspense as the hierarchy of the monkey kingdom was presented. Please ask your child about the movie. I'm sure they would enjoy telling you all about it!

Tonight is the Harlem Wizard's basketball game at Valpo High School. Doors open at 5:30. The basketball game between the Wizards and Valpo All-Stars will begin at 6:30. Tickets may still be purchased at the door for $12. ***There is a special opportunity to "join the Wizards Team": A Wizard jersey may be purchased at the game for $45 which would allow you to join the team for warm-up.***

ISTEP testing for 4th grade begins next week Thursday. Please see the ISTEP section below for the times we will be testing.

Today was Old Person Day for our Student Council's Phenomenal Fridays, and I couldn't believe how old my students became over night! Next Friday's Phenomenal Friday theme is crazy hat or hair day.

Here is what to expect this week:


We will not be starting Life Science until ISTEP testing is complete.

Social Studies:

We will not be starting our next social studies chapter until ISTEP testing is complete.


We are moving on to unit 7 which is on algebraic thinking. In this unit, students will be observing, extending, and making generalizations about patterns. Students have already had some experience identifying and extending patterns with the help of February's function machine activities in Number Corner. We will be using tile pieces in many of our activities; students will be able to build the first few arrangements with their tiles to figure out the pattern before extending it.


Our ISTEP testing is occurring in the afternoon when we would normally be having our 90 minute reading block. In order to prevent a gap in us reading The Castle in the Attic, we will continue to read this story in the morning. We will be focusing on Chapters 5-10 this week.


Students will be continuing to work on their informational reports. Students will be given additional time to work Monday through Wednesday. This additional time will allow more opportunities for students to conference with me as well as begin typing up their final reports.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.


Miss Kras

ISTEP Schedule

April 30th: Mathematics 12:45-2:15

May 1st: Mathematics 12:45-2:10

May 4th: Mathematics/ELA 12:45-2:45

May 5th: ELA 12:45-2:00

May 6th: ELA 12:45-2:15

May 7th: ELA 12:45-1:45

May 8th: Science 12:45-2:30

Spelling: None

Specials Schedule

Monday: Library

Tuesday: Music/Gym

Wednesday: Music/Gym

Thursday: Computer Time

Friday: Art

Important Dates to Remember

April 24th: Harlem Wizards

April 30th-May 8th: 4th grade Multiple Choice ISTEP Testing

May 1st: Variety Show

May 15th: School is in session

May 25th: Memorial Day/No School

May 29th: Field Day

June 3rd: Field Day make-up in case of bad weather

June 4th: Last student day

June 9th: Report Cards available on-line