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May Newsletter 2019

Its Spring! Finally

It's so great to see the grass and the trees greening up. We are deep into ISASP testing this week, I'm sure the students are NOT having fun with that, but it's a necessity and we hope they get through it with a great effort. Graduation Day is sneaking up on us, Friday, May 24th and it has changed to be an early dismissal at 2:00 pm. The teachers in the high school will be working on final grades for seniors and we must make sure that all of them have meet their requirements.
I had the pleasure of attending the Governors Stem Summit this week and heard many great ideas for getting our students Future Ready. After hearing from LT Governor Adam Gregg, Governor Kim Reynolds set the stage for their vision and direction for Iowa's future workforce. We had the honor to hear from Astronaut Peggy Whitson, from Mount Ayr, Iowa. I have some pics of her thoughts and accomplishments above. I see a lot of speakers, over the year, and it mostly comes to adult issues. This was a great speech that students, especially young girls, could take something from.

STEM fields are suffering from a lack of workers with the right skills. Many tech companies are inundated with young male employees, which makes it daunting for a female to join that company and fit into such a male dominated culture. Think of Ms. Whitson, female astronaut in that male dominated field. She not only succeeded, but she excelled and become a leader in the field, not just a female leader, but her influence and leadership was recognized by all.

I hope your daughters, (and sons) are considering careers in STEM. Ms. Whitson was a biochemist and researcher who got her chance to go to space, not only go but to spend over 500 days on three flights to the International Space Station. What a great career for a small town girl from Iowa.

Big picture

Emergency Operations Plans

The legislature mandated all schools develop an emergency operations plan specifically for school shooting incidents, but also to cover all safety and emergency issues including natural disasters. NFV is the only school district in the county to have students at three different communities. With that, we had to ask several fire departments, ambulance services and law enforcement agencies, including the Fayette County Sheriff's Office. We are very thankful that such community minded volunteers and professionals are here to serve us. I believe we had our 5th meeting last night and had a great attendance. EMS services save lives and protect properties every day. We owe them our sincere appreciation and respect. Thank You for all you do.

Our planning is coming to an end. The planning document and emergency flip charts are in the final editing stages now. They will cover not only events of violence, floods, fire, tornadoes, acts of terrorism, lost students, and everyday safety concerns. This will not be a public document as it is recommended that our evacuation plans and safety zones are not to be released to the public for obvious safety reasons.

We also are planning a comprehensive drill at NFV HS with all entities involved this summer. We seek to learn from each other and to be ready for the unthinkable. This is one plan that we hope never gets used.