Boston Bombing

1.This article is about the Boston Bomber who has been sentenced to death after trying to kill innocent runners at the Boston Marathon. His brother was killed in a police chase that took place days after the attack.Now alone he must face his judgment and be put to death he hasn't shown any remorse for the murders and injuries he has caused so this only added fuel to the jury decision. Victims expressed relief after hearing the news happy to hear justice is being dealt.

2.The author is reaching out to any American who has felt worry and anxiety over the recent terrorist attack. His goal is to inform about the current case.

3.I agree he deserves to be punished i'm not sure if the death penalty is something i believe in personally but he did deserve to be punished for what he did.

4.The article was good i wouldn't change anything he was informative and expressed true feelings of relief.

5. I think this article does belong in variety because it is opinionated yet informative and has quotes from victims and statements from police.