Adam Skov


Make and prepare foods or beverages for people.

Skills and Interests

You get to use a lot of tools to make foods. You get to make a lot of really good foods! I like to make things that people will enjoy.

Working Conditions

Train food preparation on food service personal create new recipes or food presentations. Determine prices for menu items and estimate supplies.

Wages and Outlook

21.50$ an hour. The outlook for the future is that it is supposed to go up.

Related Occupations

  • Food Service Specialist
  • Kitchen Manager
  • Son Chef

Program of Study

All I need for this job is high school diploma or equivalent for entry.

Program Admission

Be good if you take chemistry classes. Also be nice if you had classes with budgeting and nutrition.

Program Coursework and Related Programs

You will need five years or more related work experience for entry. You don't need on the job training to become competent. You can have an apprenticeship program.
Chefs and Head Cooks