GYM Meeting Sunday, Sept. 16

Pastor Chris & Pastor Billy Talk About Communion

Altar-net Reality and Table Talk: the mystery and sacrament of Holy Communion.

As part of our commitment to discipleship, we'll gather together to discuss and study the sacrament of Holy Communion. For those who have not yet gone through the First Communion class, this will be your opportunity. For those who've completed the First Communion class some years ago, we'll explore the sacrament in more depth. We'll address things like:

What's the benefit of eating and drinking the bread and wine?

How can eating and drinking offer grace, peace and forgiveness?

Who can receive the sacrament?

Is there a special way, or wrong way, to receive the sacrament?

First Communion Study and Refresher

Sunday, Sep. 16th 2012 at 5-7:30pm

426 Oakland Ave

Rock Hill, SC

We'll meet in the Fellowship Hall for snack and then split into Middle School and High School groups.

As part of our discussion, we'll create keepsakes to take home.

Please let us know if you're attending so we'll know how many keepsakes to order.