American Wildlife Conservation Foundation: Jacob Smith


The AWCF are aiding to sustain the natural resources of the fish and wildlife to help them survive. They save animals from people burning or killing their resources to live and be healthy. AWCF provide and grants research and public education towards enhancing wildlife research conservation of wildlife in north america. They’ve supported 100 projects in the last 25 or so years.


American Wildlife Conservation Foundation is a foundation that helps wildlife survive. It is a big problem now a days all people want money ,and if they get the chance they’ll ruin the wildlife's lives for their money. They burn down woods, cuts down trees, and people don’t understand of what their doing to the environment. I think people should support the cause because there ruining the environment and killing animals. All hunters should support this because their killing our food and if we can save them from businesses killing them, then there will be more animals for hunters to kill and feed their family instead of buying products from stores.

Facts & Statstics

1. We have funded more than 100 projects in the past 25 years.

2. American Wildlife Conservation Foundation's purpose is to encourage and support.

3. support efforts in the conservation of fish and wildlife resources and their habitats, and to encourage the discovery and dissemination of facts necessary to gain additional understanding and support for scientific wildlife management through research, education and conservation.

1. 3,000 members of 87 clubs and organizations.

2. $200 to $2000 Grant size

3. Grantee: Francis Marion University, Florence, SC,

Amount: $1984
Purpose: Monitoring herpetological diversity in a woodland habitat disturbed by logging.



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