Mountain Men and Fur Trappers

By: Trevor Debelak

How were the Mountain Men and Fur Trappers affected?

Mountain men- Men who trap and sell furs and usually live in the wilderness.

During the Westward Expansion, it hurt the mountain men and fur trappers because with 7 million more people in the region, it made their furs less valuable. As the population in the West was growing, people took up trapping because they needed a 2nd occupation. The reason behind this was the fact that panning for gold didn't pay off and they needed money to feed their families.

Westward Expansion

Friday, Dec. 30th 1803 at 12pm

Coloma, CA, United States

Coloma, CA

Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase from the French government in 1803 for $15 million. By 1840, nearly 7 million Americans lived in the trans-Appalachian west region.

Westward Expansion

1803- Louisiana Purchase was bought.

1830- Congress passed a law to move Native Americans South East of the Mississippi river.

1841- The Oregon trail was commonly taken to California and within the next few years over 300,000 people would travel along the Oregon trail.

1849- Many Americans moved West for the gold rush.

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