Alkaline Earth Metal

Family Group and Period

It is a Alkaline Earth Metal. It is part of the Beryllium Family. Fifth Element in Group 2

Barium's Atomic Number and Mass

Atomic Number is 56 and Atomic Mass is 137.327

Protons Neutrons Electrons and Symbol

Protons: 56



Symbol: Ba

Where Barium was found

Barium was founded by Sir Humphry Davy , an english chemist. Barium is never found in free nature since it reacts with oxygen in the air. Forming Barium Oxide BaO.

Physical Property: Pure Barium is pale yellow , somewhat shiny , malleable metal. When heated Barium compounds give off a pale yellow-green flame.

Chemical Property: Active metal , combines easy with Oxygen , the Halogens , and other non-metals. Barium also reacts with water and most acids. It is so reactive it must be stored under kerosene , petroleum or some other oily liquid to prevent it from reacting with the Oxygen and Moisture in the air. Only Radium is more reactive.

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Barium Electron Cloud

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What Barium looks like

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Barium Sulfate