Cavazos Parent Bulletin!

~ Aug. 30-Sept 3 ~

Exploring - Engaging - Empowering

Our Mission:

The staff at Cavazos Elementary believes that all scholars can learn and strive to become successful and productive citizens for tomorrow.

We are committed to the development and growth of teach child and to the recognition of each child as an individual. We value the opportunity to respond to each child's needs.

At Cavazos, we also believe all teachers should maintain high expectations and positive attitude necessary to promote success for each child.

Purpose & Reflection

Dear Cavazos Community of Learners,

The past couple of months have allowed me the privilege to hold 1:1 meetings with teachers and staff; during this time, I was humbled to learn about the staff’s warmth and welcoming nature.

This opportunity also filled me with enthusiasm and hope that our collective mission/vision will truly be represented in our daily actions with each other, our young scholars, and larger community.

I have joined an extremely hardworking team of individuals who are determined to transform the lives of our students and their families.

In just a few days we will embark on a rewarding journey. Through high-quality instruction, a culture of high expectations ALL, a belief that all young scholars can excel and a “whatever it takes” attitude, we will diligently pursue our mission – to ensure that all young scholars secure the academic knowledge and skills to excel in college and beyond. We know that over the next year we will make indelible contributions in service of your children and this unique community.

Being a staff member at Cavazos will require a heightened sense of urgency, dedication, passion and pursuit for excellence & equity. We commit to you and our young scholars that we will serve them with a strong commitment to academic excellence.

Moreover, with a collective commitment to building trusting professional relationships in partnership with you and the larger community, our young scholars will thrive academically and socially.

We are humbled by your trust in Cavazo's staff and faculty to educate your children. WE KNOW, YOU ARE SENDING US YOUR BEST and we will cherish them as you do.

¡Juntos podemos!

With Gratitude and Enthusiasm,

Beatrice Martinez, Principal



Einstein in the Building

Mrs. Mena! Thank you for making learning fun!

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"- Albert Einstein


~Week At-A-Glance~


~SEL, Culture & Climate~

Character Trait for September:

Big picture



Classes begin at 7:40 AM.

After 7:45 AM, all students must report to the office for a tardy slip.

Effective Tuesday, September 7th, after 7:45 AM, students must be signed in to campus and counted tardy.

Front doors lock at 7:45 AM & crossing guard supervision also ends at 7:45 AM.

We invite you to walk your child to the office and not leave them unattended if there is no crossing guard beyond 7:45 AM.

If your child has a doctor's appointment, we encourage you to bring your child back to school if their appointment is in the morning.

No early outs or change of transportation after 2:30 PM.


1ST SIX WEEKS (30 Days)


August 4 – September 17

  • Grades checked/progress reports to students Thursday, September 2
  • Grades checked/progress reports to students Thursday, September 23
  • Teacher Portal unlocked for cycle grade posting Friday, October 8
  • Teachers post grades by 12:00 pm Friday, October 15
  • Report cards to campuses Tuesday, October 19 – Wednesday, October 20
  • Report cards to students Thursday, October 21



Do you need to talk to Cavazos Administration?

Please use the following link to reach out to us!

Cavazos Admin Message/Mensage para la Administracion de Cavazos.

Please allow 24 hours for us to respond; unless it is a life/death situation or it is regarding your child’s safety.

Please check out our Parent-Teacher Conflict Resolution Flow Chart

At Cavazos, we believe that the most important partnership is between the teacher and the parent in order to fully service our scholars. We recognize that at times, there may be disagreements and conflicts, but the only way to resolve these issues is by talking and partnering.

Please allow us the opportunity to resolve conflicts by using the following flow chart.

Click on this link to review:

Parent-Teacher Conflict Resolution Flow Chart English

Parent-Teacher Conflict Resolution Flow Chart Spanish


Cavazos Admin/ILT Team 2021 SY