Lamma Island

By Sona 7W

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Lamma Island also known as Pok Liu Chau is located to the southwest of Hong Kong Island. It is the third largest island of Hong Kong, with an area of 13.55 km² and a length of 7 kilometres. The northern village is called Yung Shue Wan and the eastern village is called Sok Kwu Wan. few people live on the southern part of Lamma.

Changes In Lamma


In Lamma Island now there are ferries coming from the central pier. But before, there was no ferries in Hong Kong. So all of the residents were not in Lamma Island. Since no one was living there, the government decided to build a leather factory and pig farm in Lamma. And the waterfront was built as a plastic factory.

Later on, the first ever ferry in Hong Kong was made to go to HK→Lamma→Cheng Chau. When the first ferries were made, the pig farm closed down. Also they closed the factories down since more residents came to Lamma. But people who were going to Lamma to HK, took a long time. So this did not work.

And in the 1960's, a ferry going from HK to Lamma was made. But this ferry was really slow and took 40 minutes. And now there are new ferries going to HK to Lamma in 20 minutes.

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Restaurant in Lamma Island

Sampan- The best seafood restaurant in Lamma Island

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Kato’s Memorial

Kato was the most famous cat in Lamma island as she always sat in the same spot in her front yard and did not go back unless someone gave her some food. But unfortunately,she died by getting eaten by a snake.

The Haunted House

The Haunted House is one the best tourists attractions. The haunted house is haunted by a bunch of stupid people.They did not ask if the house is haunted or not before buying the house.

Tin Hau Temple

This is the tin hau temple where you can pray and make a wish to the gods and hope that your wish would come true.
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Hippies Information Centre

The hippie information centre is not built yet but the people (hippies) of lamma island are trying their best to build the hippie information centre.

Yung Shue Wan Beach

If you go to the beach, you should do a beach clean up. There is a woman in charge of the beach clean up. Once a week, a group of people go to the beach to clean this up.
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Power Station

This is the power station on lamma island. The island is very green because it is cleaned twice a week. There is also one more thing that is very cool about lamma island’s power station. It runs on using wind power.

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The Market

Lamma Island is also famous for its markets. All shops are owned by families. They sell things such as drinks, snacks, dry food and desserts. As you walk past, some trucks called the VV might come past. So becareful!

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The Graveyard😱

After hiking up the mountain, there are graveyards of families ancestors. The grave was not well built. The clay pots with no lids had human bones in them.

SKW Pavilion

In Lamma Island, there is an pavillion. This place is one of the best places in Lamma Island since you can see far over the sea.

So we recommend you to go there.

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Banyan Tree

Here is a picture of a banyan tree. Lamma Island was named after this tree.Legend says that the first ever tree was planted in Lamma Island. And all the plants are from that tree called the mother tree.

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Facts About Lamma

  • HSBC is the only store not owned by residents in Lamma island.

  • There are snakes which eat cats(be careful if getting a cat).

  • Lamma Island is an warm community who helps each other.

  • The energy on Lamma Island is environmentally green.

  • Lamma Island is famous for

  • The name lamma island came from the chinese name because lamma looked like the fork of a tree and was placed on the south side of Hong Kong so the name became 南丫 which is basically said as Lamma island.

  • The way to travel around Lamma Island is going on the spectacular VV’s which you need a license for.

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Must Visit Hong Kong - Lamma Island ( Pok Liu Chau )
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