Starling's Summary

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The Week Ahead...

September 7 - September 11

PLC = Instructional Technology

7 - Labor Day

8 - 4th grade PLC

Starling @ Region IV

International Literacy Day

9 - 3rd grade PLC

Starling out AM - Title 1 mtg

Above and Beyond meeting @ 3:40

10 - 2nd grade PLC

Team Leader @ 3:40 in PLC room

National Teddy Bear Day

11 - 1st grade PLC

Patriot Day

Teacher Self Report (TSR) due in Eduphoria

12 - LA/SS lead teacher meeting

Coming up - Monday, September 14 - Staff meeting - SIOP/GT


This week's mission for staff:

Share a goal you have set for yourself as a teacher/member of the Horn dream team with another person on staff.

For students: Tell one adult at school your goal for this year. Example: I will read a book every night, I will keep my desk clean, etc.

Celebrations and Shout Outs

Thank you Ms. Leyva and Ms. Lydia Juarez for painting the clip boards. They look great!!

Shout out to 4th grade for turning in their STOIC charts.

Please send me your shout outs and celebrations that I may have missed.

Reminders and Updates

1. From the nutrition department:


  • The first two weeks of school is free to all students, regardless of status. Today was the last day that students could eat their lunch meal free.
  • Starting 09/08, Tuesday, the paid lunch meal will be $.90. The charge policy will also go into effect. Students are allowed to charge up to $2.70 (no charges for snacks or a la carte items) on their account. Cashiers will bring letters to the front office after meal service & teachers will give letters to students to take home.
  • An alternative meal will be provided to student if the negative account balance has not been cleared. The alternative meal consists of either a peanut butter sandwich with milk or a cheese sandwich with milk.
  • Please remind teachers to not hold applications until the entire class returns packets. Applications can be submitted online. Turn applications in daily!
  • Per USDA, students cannot be required to complete an application. It is strictly the parents’ decision as to whether or not they choose to complete an application.

2. Cafeteria procedures:

Please remember to use the RED/GREEN voice level signs with your students.

1st 5 minutes of lunch on Red, 20 minutes on green (whisper to neighbor), last 5 on Red.

Lining going into the line and lining up to leave should be on voice level zero.

Please note, that everyone should be actively monitoring throughout lunch. I see many teachers eating lunch and monitoring, remember the priority is the monitoring, not the eating, if you are unable to do both, then please eat during your 30 minute lunch.

3. All parent communication - flyers, etc, will go home on Tuesdays only, so as not to have paperwork going home everyday, unless it is something the district is requiring.

4. Absences - call in as soon as you know or think you are going to be absent. We can always cancel, but it is difficult when an absence is called in late to get a sub. Always contact your supervisor and team leader each time you are absent or late. Make sure your sub folder is up to date and stored with your team leader.

5. Raptor in and out daily.

6. Reread our policy on personal calls and parent calls on pg. 4 of your handbook.

Go to the lounge with your team for...


Directions (also posted in the lounge above your grade level poster):

1. Grab a marker

2. Think about the school

3. Work together with members of your team and draw your "ideal school"(the whole team doesn't necessarily need to be together)

4. Include aspects of the actual building, but the focus should also be on how people interact with each other (treat each other, talk to each other, what does it sound like, what does it look like)

5. Use words, symbols, and pictures

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