Manufacturing Stands in Slow Motion

Due to foreign goods, businesses grows slowly in the U.S.

Residents of America are slowing down manufacturing in the Unites States, let us prosper of leave us with failure.

Manufacturing in the United States have improved the ways of living, although machinery is increased, manufacturing companies are not continuing to grow along with them.  There are very few factories in the United States, Mr. Albert Gallatin-Secretary of Treasury believes that the people would work on a farm rather than a factory, and that theory seems to be true. Across the land into Great Britain, factories are common due to the expenses of farmland. With that, British manufacturers are able to make a profit and produce new machinery and factories. Machinery in our time have made goods a lot cheaper and travel a lot quicker, Americans are depended on foreign goods and not depended on American goods. Manufacturers will not be able to make a profit with the money rate, and as a result, no new machinery or factories are produced. Here about, the European sucess and powers have interfered with the U.S. trading and there will be war, the War of 1812.