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Minidoka County School District

Week of May 23-27


Dear Graduates - A Message From Kid President

Upcoming Dates

May 23- K-3 Literacy Plan Work Session #3 8:00

May 23- Negotiations 2:00-6:00 PM

May 24-Mentoring Program Committee Meeting 4:00

May 24-MHHS Graduation

May 25-Graduation

May 26-Last Day of School

June 2- Cabinet/Admin Meeting 8:00 (breakfast provided)

June 2- K-3 Literacy Plan Work Session #4 1:00

June 3-Parent Contact Due

June 13-14 Idaho Principal's Network

June 20-21 Mileposts Summit

June 20-School Board Meeting

Parent Contact

Please don't forget to collect parent contact numbers from staff members. Parent Contact for 3rd Trimester is due to Ashley no later than June 3.


Classified PD Days for 2016-2017

  • Elementary- August 22, 8:30 DSC
  • Secondary-February 17, Minidoka Tech Day
  • Classified Preschool-October 7 Self-Regulation in Early Childhood Preschool


All teachers should now have a MacBook. All older laptops must be turned in no later than September 30. You Technology Specialist will collect devices and transfer them to the technology department.

Video & Music Streaming

The amount of videos and music being streamed in the last few weeks has increased exponentially (Netflix, Pandora, Spotify). This is consuming the bandwidth available. So remind teachers, the more the stream, the slower the Internet will be. Using Netflix is NOT the best method for showing videos in the school system.

Special Services

School Based Medicaid Changes

As of July 1, 2016, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services (PSR) will no longer be offered in Idaho according to changes in IDAPA. The Medicaid Division of the Department of Health and Welfare will be using Community Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS) in the school setting to meet the needs of Medicaid eligible students with Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED). Students must have a medical mental health diagnosis from a licensed practitioner and an assessment documenting the student's functional impairment in the school setting to be eligible for CBRS. The new rules will result in fewer students meeting the eligibility requirements for PSR type of behavior services in our schools. IDAPA rules have not changed for students receiving Behavior Intervention (BI) services.

For further information follow the first link to the School Based Medicaid website and the second link to a webinar explaining the recent IDAPA changes to School Based Medicaid.


Needs Assessment 16-17 Results

IASA Membership Benefits

Those of you who signed up for the IASA Conference in August are now members of IASA. Please refer to the documents below to learn more about the benefits you will receive!

Let Heather know if you have any questions!

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Have a GREAT Week!