Romeo & Juliet

Micki, Anne-Sophia, Kiana

Romeo Killing Paris

Romeo's servant, Balthasar, informs Romeo about Juliet. "'Her body sleeps in Capulet's monument, her immortal part with the angels lives'" (5.1.18-19). Balthasar apologizes, "'Pardon me for bringing these ill news'"(5.1.22). Romeo immediately decides to go to Juliet's grave. He takes a potion with him, with which he plans to use to kill himself alongside his wife. Meanwhile, Paris is at Juliet's grave weeping, wishing that she were still alive, and promising that he would remember her, always. As Romeo arrives at Juliet's grave, Paris stops him and accuses him, a criminal. Romeo is then offended and he challenges Paris to a fight. Sadly, Paris is slain by Romeo. After being stabbed, he asks Romeo, "'If thou be merciful, open the tomb. Lay me by Juliet'" (5.3.80-81).

Romeo killing him self

When Romeo heard the news of Juliet death he rushed over to the tum where her body laid. When he arrived at the tum he saw Juliet laying on her death bead and on the other side of the tum saw Paris. Right away tensions start to rise and Romeo then says, "'Wilt thou provoke me? Then have at thee, boy'"(5.3)! Romeo and Paris begin to fight, Romeo kills Paris and then looks at Juliet one last time and drinks the poison.

Juliet killing her self

When Juliet awoke from her slumber she saw the friar and asked where her love Romeo was, she looked on the ground and found him dead and a bottle of poison in his hand. And she said "'Drunk all and left no friendly drop To help me after'"(5. 904)? After she sees Romeo dead she decides that there is no longer a reason for her to live so she picks up the dagger that Romeo and Paris fought with and stabs her self.